Again, Kemi Olunloyo comes for Eniola Badmus as she is spotted drinking smoothie from a jar

The Controversial Nigerian Journalist took to her Instagram page to share a picture of the Actress, Eniola Badmus, as she drinks smoothie.
She said that at first she was happy on seeing the actress drink smoothie, as it is healthy but questioned the amount she was downing in the photo.

She wrote:
    #hnnhealth This picture is wrong on all levels. For years I have been using celebrity figures to educate the masses about health. While I was @CNN dot com as a contributing health correspondent for 15 years, Americans learned a lot from me about health conditions by using celebrities to illustrate and provide health education. Arisekola, Emir Ado Bayero died of prostate cancer. Omololu Olunloyo and Wole Soyinka suffer prostate cancer as we speak and are living with it getting treated. I have used “famous people” as examples for years. Many of you never knew about #ovariancancer till Mayowa Ahmed’s case.
    Back to this photo with @eniola_Badmus. I have always used her as an example of why obesity must be monitored to avoid high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. She started losing weight at one point. Some of you said I fat shamed her. There is no such thing as fat shaming. You fake ppl are the first to write #RIP on her profile if she died from complications of obesity. Next she was hospitalized and her BP was stable. @instablog9ja carried the story and surprisingly many of you were already laughing at her as she wrote on her post. .
    This photo came from the page of a food vendor advertising a #smoothie. I was so glad seeing Eniola eating healthy, a smoothie drink for that matter. But why is she drinking a smoothie FROM A JAR???? Is it a way of mocking her that she’s already scraped and eaten all the strawberry jam and washing it down with a smoothie? I always focus on the bigger picture. SMH. To all the FAT GIRLS, STAY HEALTHY. Don’t let anyone call you derogatory names like plump, chubby, heavy set, full figure etc. You are obese a medical word and you should exersice, eat good meals and drink 8 satchets of water.

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