Ada Slim calls out Tonto Dikeh, saying she blackmailed her, as Tonto replies

 Nollywood actress and producer, Ada Slim, made a post on Instagram, calling out fellow actress and her one time soul-sis, Tonto Dikeh, for allegedly blackmailing her!

See what she wrote:

    Hey Sis, you lied on my head again. I have been quiet for 10yrs now you know. U said I ve been broke since my dad passed away, am no daddy’s girl, ve always worked for my cash since 21.
    Listen sis, Before you speak in tongues & talk of repentance, why don’t you start repenting with those who loved you but you blackmailed.
    Frm PH to 042
    My dream was to make your dream come true. I produced d 1st film u ever acted in the history of ur nollywood career was “Secret Pains” followed by my 2nd film IRREPLACEABLE, ur 1st car ever was my car (borrowed) I introduced you to all the “Who is Who in Nollywood” e.g Amaco films, Mama G (starring in her music video) & ace Director Tchidi Chikere. I took the bullet for you & believed in you, should we ask witnesses like Desmond Elliot,Nkiru Sylvanus, Dauda & more celebs who know our story.
    I told you someday u’ll make it big in Nollywood, I believed in u, even when u had doubts in urself.
    Yes you finally made it but you lied to the whole world that I am “one of ur fans” ….for real? Throwbak pics don’t lie….shuld I release some?
    You never returned my car nor even paid bak all the cash you borrowed from me nor my clothes, till date.
    I told God to take care of you that I will never raise the issue with the press cos ” I didn’t wanna destroy something I helped build” hey sis, I have forgiven you…long since…but you know….KARMA doesn’t forgive easily. They ask you ur first film and u say it was produced by ” a friend” thank God am not also tagged “a yahoo friend” you even told Iffy Okeke that my name sounds familiar…for real?
    I quit because of the pains & loss you caused me (N2m loss in one film, u knw the details) I went bankrupt, you never even looked out for me for the 5yrs I was in exile in Newyork.
    10yrs later….here we are. Am bak better & stronger.
    I still love you sis, stop keeping a distance frm me, above all, tell the world the truth of how much prize I paid, for you to be this celebricious nollywood sweetheart u are today.
    Pls let’s meet and hold hands like the sould sisters we used to be and God will hear us, you will be fine in no time cos something is def wrong.
    A concerned soul sis.

 But trust Tonto in matters like this, she has already replied. In her own words, she said that, its clear Ada Slim is bitter. Read her own version below

    Hi Adaslim,
    First how are you? Hope you are great,life and family?
    I got your message and am here to tell you that you have been played..I have and will never talk about you negativitely..
    You did a great deal of good for me and I always told people your movie was my first. Maybe sometimes I didn’t say it but that’s not to mean I hate you or don’t appreciate you..
    It’s clear you are bitter but Am sorry for the hurt you feel but note I never talked about you,Am not that kinda girl and you know this…If I have anything to say I will say it to your face,You were a great person to me and you forgot you housed me too to the list of things you did for me..
    I can’t remember having your car in my possession nor owing you or having your clothes with me but IF I TRUELY DO PLEASE BIG SIS SEND ME THE BILL. God has bless me now and am super grateful,You were God sent to me 10years back and Today I can only thank you for letting God use you on my journey..
    You ruined the chance of a Meet and greet when you made this a public thing but in all big sis

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