Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 8

Charles' mother was in the room, her daughter, Amara called her informing her about the post her brother made on Instagram.

"What post? What did he wrote in the post?" Margaret asked

"Mummy, he wrote about loving Linda, desiring to propose to her?" Amara revealed

"Which Linda?" Margaret asked

"The C.E.O og Lili's Collection" Amara replied

"Are you serious? He said that? Maybe he was only joking."

"I don't think so, Mummy, he can't joke with something like that. Marriage is not an issue one should joke about"

"You might have a point. I will talk to him about that, I just wish he is serious about it" Margaret wished, as they ended the call

Charles was her second son, settling down had been a very big issue for him. He kept giving his family excuses that pining down with only one girl was something that had been sounding so ridiculous to him.
"Mummy, marriage is a cage, I can't see myself living that kind of stuffed life. Its just weird to me" he said

So later in the evening, Margaret called his son, Charles on phone asking him what he meant by the post he made on Instagram.

He then laughed lightly and said, "Mum, how did you find out? Don't tell me you have joined Instagram now?"

"It was your sister, Amara who called and informed me about it"

"Oh, I thought as much, that parrot"

"So tell me, are you serious about it? And don't tell me you were only joking, you know one shouldn't joke with such a thing"

"Mummy, I will come for dinner this night, when I come, I will tell you my reason"

"OK my son, I can't wait to hear your reason, and I wish it will turn out to be exactly what my mind is telling me" Margaret said

"Till I come, mother" Charles said

So about 7:45pm, Charles stormed his family house.

While they were waiting for the food to be ready, his mother who was so anxious to hear his mind dragged him to her room.
"So my son, tell me, stop keeping quiet. Tell me already"

And Charles chuckled over her attitude.
"Mummy, just relax naa, I will tell you. You are making me feel shy now"

"Shy? Please my son, tell me, I can't wait to hear your reasons"

"Hmm, well, your guess might be right" Charles said, breaking his words

"You mean you really meant your words?" Margaret inquired

"Yes mother, I don't know how it all happened. Ever since she came to the house the other to show you those materials, I haven't gotten her off my head. And her soft smile and calmness despite being very wealthy, can never be overemphasized. I used to hear about her, and had always thought her to be so arrogant, but she is so down to earth. So mother, I think I have found my missing rib"

"Oh my son, you don't know how happy I am to hear this from you. You know Linda is my designer, and we have become quite close. I am sure she will listen to me if I talk to her about it. But are you giving me your words that you truly want her to be your wife?"

"Off course Mother, if not, I wouldn't have made such post"

"OK my son, I will talk to her about it." She said, looking at Charles, Smiling.

"What Mum, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Charles my son, I never knew you have good eyes, after all. Linda is a good catch. And also independent. She is not coming for our money, because she is already swimming in the ocean of her wealth"

"Mummy, I'm not marrying her because of that, I'm only going for her because of her simplicity. Even if she is poor, and my heart desires her, I will still go for her, but my fear is, will she accept me?"

"I will be the one to take care of that" Margaret assures

So the next day, Margaret put a call through Linda, requesting to see her.
"Linda dear, I need to see you, there is something serious we will need to discuss. Should I come over to the office?"

Linda already knew why she was calling her, so she acted as if she knew nothing.

"Um.. Is it about your cloth, we are not yet through Ma" She replied

"No, its not about that, its something more serious, we need to see face to face in a cool environment and have the discussion"

"OK, that means it will be in the evening. While returning home, I will branch over at your home"

"That is OK by me. I will be waiting for you my dear" Margaret said and they ended the call

Linda immediately called Mercy, telling her about the call.

"Are you serious? Linda, don't tell me you won't accept him."

"But Mercy, you know I'm not always lucky when it comes to love. What if he turns out to be another Fred, or even worse than Fred? I have already closed my mind on any thing love. I just want to spend the rest of my life alone. My heart has suffered enough heartbreak, I am so done with love"

"Hey Linda! I refused to accept this nonsense you are spewing. Reason why Fred broke your heart was because, you fell in love with your heart, but this time around you are going to use your head and not your heart. Anyway, when I reach office I will explain better, I'm driving"

"Oh, you should have told me you are on steering. Please concentrate" And Linda ended the call, thinking over what Mercy said.

She then brought her phone, entered Instagram and started watching Charles' photos, thinking if he could be her prince charming.

So later that day, Linda went to answer Margaret's call.
She relayed to her, her reasons for requesting her presence at her home.

She did not give them a direct answer, but only promised to think about it.

So while she was still discussing with Margaret, Charles came and requested to sit beside her.
"Please my lady, can you allow me sit beside you?" He calmly asked

And while looking up to answer him, there eyes clocked.
Charles smiled softly, waiting for her response.

And Linda got fixed at his Charisma.

"Off course you can" she managed to say

And he sat.

The mother who was discussing with Linda before he arrived decided to leave, to allow them have their moment.

"Er......m Linda, to tell you the truth, I never had the courage to speak to you directly. Please forgive my manner. Its just that, I don't want to feel rejected by you. All my life, I have never felt this way for any one except you" Charles said, as he continued pouring out his heart.

Linda who was somehow feeling attracted to him suddenly lost that desire after he said "all my life, I have never felt this way for anyone"
"This is how they keep lying. Are you now telling me that you have never fallen in love with anyone before?" She said in her heart, feeling bit angry that Charles was lying.
She then reminisced how Fred wished her heaven on earth, but still shattered her heart.

She was already feeling hatred for Charles over the statement but decided to act cool.
But when she couldn't bear his lies any longer, she then blurted out that she had to leave

"Really? So soon?"

"Hmm, yes, because I have already known the reason I was invited. And as for your request, I will have to think about it, I can't give you any answer now."

"Alright, you can take your time, but please don't keep me waiting for long, my heart certainly can't take it"

And Linda nodded.

So later, she left the place.

When Mercy who couldn't wait to hear the whole gist called, Linda told her that it was a dead end. That she can't accept him.

"Why?" Mercy inquired

"Because all men are the same. He is using the same words Fred used on me"

"Linda, Linda my sister, please, from which planet did you come from? So you are now comparing him with Fred? My dear, Charles' is very different from Fred. You know what, I will call you back later so we can discuss better. I'm still in the kitchen"

Alright then." Linda replied

Mercy later succeeded in removing hatred and fear Linda had for love. She induced her into giving it another chance.

5 Months later, Linda and Charles had already started dating.
And gradually, he was succeeding in permeating her heart.
The news of their love affair was flying all over the places, and Fred couldn't hold his jealousy any longer, so he decided to strike.

But this time, Linda was prepared for him.

She turned the table around to have her own revenge and made him have his own share of betrayal and heartbreak.

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To be continued

Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 1 and 2 was proudly written by Ngozi Lovelyn O...

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