Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 16

Linda, the CEO of Lili's collections became a master planner herself. The game changer...
 Without the help of her furious sister, Mercy, she single handedly had her Sweet Revenge on Fred.
A lady with fish brain slapped shut
Fred's ever active brain. .....
It was a tough fight for her but she made sure that Fred suffered in every step of the way and sent him to the place he belonged.

She implored terrific tricks to counter Fred's every moves, especially when his friend, Oteme saw her in a romantic mood with Charles in a hotel.
She never knew Oteme, but she felt that he knew her from the way he was looking at her. She immediately knew what will happen next and then made Oteme a liar in Fred's eyes.

On the day of her introduction ceremony, Fred was in the house and received a call that Charles was about marrying her...... He hurriedly took off to raise dust in the wedding, but how Linda managed the situation will sweeten your heart.
Linda's heart hardened and wasn't taking nonsense of men's behavior towards her. She boldly told Charles to his face that she can no longer marry him either after threatened to call off the wedding, but why?

The Big Question still remains, who married Linda? Did she find her happy ending? How did she managed to destroy Fred?

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