“Praise makes your enemies commit suicide faster” Tonto Dikeh says as she share new beautiful photos

 Could it be she is firing back at Rosy Meurer for saying that we shouldn't take the name of God in vain?

Tonto Dikeh has taken to Instagram to preach a sermon about praise and how it makes your enemies to commit suicide

Read from her below
    “The power of a heartfelt praise;
    1; Praise makes your enemies commit suicide faster cos they expect you to be in tears yet you are joyful;
    2; Praise is Gods invitation into the limitations of Man;
    3: Praise may not always be convenient yet it shatters every inconvenience;
    4; Praise does not bring cosmetic victory, praise brings release from the Foundations;
    5; There is no prison door Praise cannot open;
    6; Praise doesn’t open one door, praise opens ALL doors;
    7: Praise breaks every chains and put you in command
    8; Praise puts you in demand and make you command human attention;
    9; Even God cannot resist Praise;I0; Praise releases glory, glory releases your fame and Gods kind of fame cancels every shame;
    11: Until ur enemies hear ur praise, praise isn’t complete;
    12; Praise turns the spotlight on you;
    13: Who you praise determines who you become; Praise God, you become godly, praise Man, you become like one, praise satan and you become satanic; WE CHOOSE TO PRAISE GOD;
    14; Praise is not a choice, Praise is a command: Psalms 150 vs 1;
    15; Perfect Praise chain>>>Praise releases spiritual earthquake, the quakes deals with wrong foundation, when wrong foundations are destroyed, Doors opens and when doors open, the chains on your hands are released and you receive results of a thousand years in one blessing;
    So You are not properly and completely made up or dressed up until you have your heartfelt praise on…
    Glory to God”

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