No chill! Nicki Minaj shades Meek Mill, and he fires back

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram and shared a cryptic post that appeared like a shade to her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill.

Nicki mocked men whose women buy things for them, so they can save face publicly.

But then, her ex-boyfriend, Meek took it the hard way and assumed that Nicki was referring to him, so he fired back at her.
Saying that Nicki is fake, fake ass, fake skin colour..... Fake,fake fake.....

Nicki Minaj wrote;
    Oh so u niggaz gon sit up here & act like #Wifey aint BEEN tell y’all 1. Don’t lose the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet 2. Stop throwing money ya ass ain’t rlly got. 3. Stop posting them tired stacks on the gram 😂😂😂😂 oh but when Jay say it it’s #bible tho. Bad btchs unite!!!! We ain’t BEEN droppin jewels on these niggaz behind closed doors? 😩😂😭😭😭 tuh! 😅😛😘❣️ every girl is making one of these 3 faces at a nigga right now. 😭 womp womp #PrettyGang 💛 #FAX

Then he responded without mentioning her name either. He wrote:

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  1. Luv indeed is blind, she did all that when she was inluv, now she'z blabbing


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