Mexican Mayor weds female Crocodile in a lavish wedding ceremony (photos)

The Mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Victor Aguilar, in a weird tradition, wedded a crocodile in a lavish ceremony.

Victor took the crocodile to be his lawfully wedded wife as part of an indigenous tradition intended to bring good fortune to local fishermen.

The wedding ceremony took place in the southern region of Oaxaca on Friday.

The female crocodile was baptised on Thursday, and was subsequently dressed in a white robe and had her jaws clamped shut on the big day.

Tradition demands the Mayor of San Pedro Huamelula marry a new crocodile each year, as legend has it that the ceremony will bring fishermen luck in fishing.

Aguilar said:
    ‘With this ritual we ask for a good harvest, for the sea and the lagoons to give us all the food we need and we ask that everything goes well with everyone here.’

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