Man dumps mother's corpse in the street because he can’t afford to bury her

A 30 year old unemployed man who believed he can not afford to bury his 70 year old aged mother resorted to dumping her body in the street and allowed her to be decomposing.

He had initially kept her in his apartment for three days in his flat, but when the stench from her became unbearable, he then took her outside the streets in the city of Saratov, in Russia ‘s Saratov Oblast region.

The jobless man left his mother covered in boxes on a dolly, having wheeled her out into the street to rot by the side of the road.

But the platform with wheels was subsequently stolen by a thief, and the elderly woman’s body thrown into the middle the road.

Shocking pictures show the abandoned body lying in the middle of the street, clearly decomposing.

Bodily fluids can be seen ‘oozing’ from the unidentified woman who has newspapers wrapped around her feet.

Police launched an investigation after her body was discovered at 3am.

They believe she died on Thursday and they are currently carrying out an autopsy to identify the cause of death.

It is proving a difficult task for the authorities because the body is already badly decomposed.

It is unknown whether the son, who lived off his mum’s pension, has been charged.

Internet users were shocked that a son could treat his own mum in such a callous manner.

One person online called ‘Yasno’ said: “He is either crazy or a booze hound. No sane man could do anything like this.

Source: Mirror UK

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