Man commits suicide after talking about death on Facebook and his friends thought he was joking (Photos)

A young man has reportedly killed himself days after hinting about his death on Facebook. The guy identified as Mpanjilwa Mulwanda was on Tuesday found hanging dead on a tree. Friends jokingly encouraged him to kill himself after he hinted that he was going to die by hanging.

In one post he said that he was going to die that very day while in another he justified his death saying the ultimate sacrifice is sacrificing oneself for the rest of humanity.

NationalHelm reports that Days earlier, Mpanjilwa who has been alleged to belong to a cult – posted a photo of himself and a hanging rope around his neck…

Few hours before, he updated his Facebook post to ‘Fin’

He was found hanged on a tree hours later with headsets still in his ears.

See screenshots below.

Source: NationalHelm

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