Lanre Gentry reveals why he still wears his wedding ring

Recently, Lanre Gentry publicly apologized to his estranged wife, Mercy Aigbe after she claimed he was begging her behind closed doors. But that hasn't stop the wife from filing a divorce.

Read his apology below

    “For peace to reign, I’m going to bury all hatchet and break the bone of contention between myself and Mercy Aigbe Gentry. I’m sorry to those who I’ve hurt with my action and comment/words. Mercy you claimed that I’m begging you behind curtains, OK here I am begging you openly. I’m sorry!!! This drama is exhausting and I’m done with it all.
    Despite all that’s been happening; I don’t love you less. I still see you as the mother of my children and I want to give you the respect to that regard.
    Thanks to each and everyone who’s preached peace; may God perfect all that is yours. Special thanks to Adeola Kujenya, Chief Alo Adeniyi, @laidebakare @iyaboojofespris @toyin_Abraham @sunnymelody1 @babakanran @deleodule_ @abamog @terryyenn I truly appreciate you. God bless you and God will grant all your heart desires.
    Also to my family members & my children thannks for the unending love and support.
    God bless us all!!!! Amen.

Well, that was days ago. The hotelier is back again and this time is revealing that the actress is yet to file for divorce.

See excepts of his interview with Punch:

Asked if he regrets the marriage, he said:

I have no regrets whatsoever. I have never regretted being with any woman. Besides, I’m still legally married to Mercy. Till I hear from her about a divorce, I believe I’m still her husband and that’s why I still wear my wedding ring at all times. Maybe you should just ask her why she is destroying my image.

Asked what led to the messy media drama, he said:

It was during the Easter period. We were expecting some guests and I gave her N160, 000 to prepare food and other things. But that was when she decided to go for a photo shoot. From there, she went for AY’s comedy show around 12am. It was even her publicist that told me this. I then went to her stylist’s place because I was angry. We argued but I didn’t beat her; her publicist and stylist were there that day so they can prove me wrong. I am not a violent person; as a matter of fact, whenever I’m angry, I don’t talk. I don’t even want to say much about this because it is a family issue and I want to protect my family.

And he swears yet again that he has never physically attacked her

I have never touched Mercy in my life. All what she is doing and saying is made-up. Even her face that appeared badly bruised was achieved through make-up. She knows what she is doing; she just wants to be free. She doesn’t want to be under any man.

Asked the last time he spoke with the actress

We’ve spoken after the incident, particularly when our son, Juwon, celebrated his seventh birthday some weeks ago. He is with his mother.

Asked about his relationship with their children, he said:

I have a very cordial relationship with my children. I love each and every one of them deeply. I cannot do without them and I think that’s why Mercy decided to deprive me of the chance of seeing my children. Though we have only one child, Juwon, together biologically; I consider Michelle, who Mercy had before we got married, as my child too because I raised her and she actually bears my surname.

Asked about their court case, he said:

We were in court today (Wednesday) and Mercy was asked to bring the children to court during the next sitting, which has been adjourned till August.

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