Important info on Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend, you can now get the book here

I am sorry to break this news at this hour, if I had known that it will turn out like this, I would have said it earlier.
I have written so many stories which I shared freely online,
Kukere Sisters, Pure Love of Lizzy 1&2, Just a Tear, Bobo Okum etc which I shared freely online.
And that was exactly how I intended to share Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend, but its becoming a problem for the company that is publishing the book to sell off the one they have because I have already given them a target. They said that many people are now resorting to reading it online after they discovered that I have a website where I share my stories.
You know issues can come out at anytime, and since it has turned out like this, I will now know the stories to share online and the ones to sell, or rather inform you guys on time before posting them.

But that does not mean that we won't finish up the remaining episodes. And this is the tensed period.
Infact, if I were you, I would love to read it in one piece, because posting them episode by episode might even give some people heart attack.
Linda's battle with Fred was a very tough one. How Oteme found Charles and Linda having a cool time in a five star hotel and he immediately called Fred, how Fred and Charles came face to face, how Mercy reacted after seeing the hall Linda and Fred paid to have their wedding in Dubai, what Fred did after discovering that Linda had played him and ruined his life, how Charles reacted after finding out about Linda's past. And you will even be shocked yourself after finding out the person who later married Linda, an unexpected person, infact, it still has more trilling packages and as well, suspense filled.

I am sorry guys, that the online share will have to end today.
Agreement is an agreement, so I will have to stick to that, if its in my own power, I will finish the story here.
We will have to get it online. I will make it easier so that everyone can get a copy and read them at the comfort of their phone.

No need explaining further, WhatsApp this number 08063221051
Or send e-mail @
So that you will be directed on how to get your own copy.

We are waiting for you....


  1. Oh
    Thank you for sharing your stories in the past.
    Also, I sincerely from the depth of my heart wish you great financial returns and fulfilment on your writings and more stories to come.
    All the best. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ngoo, you deserve this, may God use this medium to bless you. You have tried for us

  3. Keep dis good work on going, I have start contemplating using ur methods in my works also. May GOD renew ur strength. Amen


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