Image of a spirit appears beside corpse of man knocked down by a car in Enugu (graphic photos)

Read below how Facebook user, Ifeanyi Don C, shared it:
    “This young man had an accident along besalla road in Enugu State. the road that leads to Government House Enugu. he was knocked down by A 4matic Mercedes car as he was trying to cross to the other side of the road. Many people gathered at the scene. As i came there to see him, i quietly took these three pics and later left. i got to a point and decided to check the pics, believe me, i beheld an image on the picture. it was a woman’s image. please take a close look at the first pics you will see the image i am talking about. it snot a joke! wonders shall never end. brother RIP.”

But do you think its real or Photoshop?

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