Happy New Month Friends: Read below and say after me

Its half year, I see us entering into a new blessings, favour, grace, mercy, upliftment.

Response: Amen!

All our targets that were left unfinished in the previous months must surely be completed this month.

Response: Amen!

Are you still waiting on the Lord for something? Just relax, your hour has come.

Response: Amen!

So arise and shine for your light has come. We all will have every reason to smile this month.

Response: Amen

And most importantly, our phones, tablets, iPads, laptops etc will never run out of data so that we won't miss any episodes of xperia stories.

Response: Amen!

May God always be with us so that we will fulfill our destiny here on earth......

Response: Amen!


Happy Awesome July!!!!!

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