Glory be to God as man cheats death after poisonous insect stung his hand in Port-Harcourt

Mr Hartley Sidney Wehere, a Nigerian was saved with a palm oil after an unknown insect stung his hand, leaving him in pains and swollen. Glory be to God that he lived to share his testimony. Read from him below:

    “Father Lord, I thank you for saving my life from a poisonous attack today at about 11am. By now I would have been a dead person now.
    LORD i give all the glory and honor to u, thanks to my mum Mrs Rachel Wehere, Rachel Wehere. Friends brothers and colleague that was there to save the situation on ground. I’ve never experienced such a thing in my life, Jesus I was totally mad, all my body was swollen. Lord u saved me. BABA GOD I adore u.
    I was opportune to secure an electrification contract in Losta. The job is supposed to take me up to four days. I started in the early hours of today. After I finished the morning session, I went on break. I returned back to work in the afternoon, to continue with my job in the company of my labours, as soon as I got down from crane so I could climb another electric pole, I felt something like an insect bite on my hand and immediately the whole of my body started scratching me at same time swollen, I became very big in my shirt and fatter than my normal size, I became very weak. An attempt to give me medical attention worsened the whole thing. They had to rush me home and fortunately my mother was home, she gave me Palm oil to drink and I drank, she rubbed it all over my body and went into prayer then I began to feel better…It was a bitter experience. Thank God I’m OK now.”

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