Ghanaian star releases n*de video but gets slammed after flies were seen perching on her vagina

She released the video for fame, but received serious bashing after flies were spotted perching on the thing... This is busted mehn!! I know where your mind is going right now, that her thing is smelling, right? Your guess is just as mine..

So, Rashida Black Beauty, a Ghanaian celebrity who in a bid to become relevant and famous once more is receiving serious slams at the moment after she released her n*de video online. The flies which were perching on VG were spotted by the viewers and they slammed her for it... But seriously, what was she thinking...?

Rashida became famous in Ghana after a Malafaka video which turned out to be an inspiring story for most Ghanaians. At the time the inspiring video was released, it was revealed that she was under-aged and also went through a severe heartbreak.

So, now she thought that she was no longer famous, that her fame was extinguishing, she decided to make this dirty video in order to become relevant again, for people to start talking about her.
But she is forgetting something.. One thing is to be famous, and the other thing is the direction your fame is being channeled at. Is it on the positive side or the negative side?

In the two minutes video, she was viewed shaking her bum and openly displaying her ‘flies infested vg’


  1. Dirty thing. Before you present your thing, make sure its neat and appealing to the eyes. I even feel like vomiting now.


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