Dare the Truth: Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Yes, you know the truth, but how do you go about revealing it to the beneficiary? This is a story of diplomacy. Yes, a wisdom says "mind your own business and don't meddle in other people's affairs" but what if the key person involved deserves this favour from you? And how would your conscience treat you after watching the aftermath of your silence? You will keep gnashing "had I know, I should have told him the truth when I had the chance"
When you find yourself in such situation, applying diplomacy is the only best option you have to revealing the truth.

"Grace, have you heard?" Peace, Grace's younger sister asked

"Heard what?" Grace asked back, giving her a questioning look

"Nana is getting married, and I heard that her husband is very rich"

"What? Are you telling me the truth?"

"I am so sure and the husband to be and his family will be coming for her introduction this Sunday. Her mother gave our mother the news today." Peace said

"OK, but you said that the man who is coming to marry her is very rich, which means he is not her present boyfriend, the one we know"

"I don't think so, because the man is not from this village" Peace replied

"But how is that possible? I saw her at her boyfriend's place yesterday and they were sitting in a very steamy position. But do you think she has accepted the man? Because what I saw yesterday doesn't in anyway depict she is getting married"

"Grace, that is not all, there is also a rumour that she is pregnant, that is why her mother wants to push her into the marriage. You know her mother naa.."

"Pregnant? I don't think so. Nana is wild and expose. If she is truly pregnant, she would have taken care of it. Have you forgotten she is spoilt, she started sleeping with men when she was still in JSS classes. But I'm still wondering how that girl managed to get married before all of us despite her promiscuous nature?"

"Sister, maybe luck is on her side. I heard that bad girls end up marrying easily and to good men while good girls marry late and also to bad men."

"Shut up! Stop talking nonsense. Who gave you such ridiculous notion? Everything in life is all about time, maybe its her own time to get married. I'm not even bothered if she gets married before me as my junior, because my own time will definitely come someday" Grace said, feeling sad inside that she had not gotten married yet.

Peace who saw how sad her face turned touched her on the shoulder and said: "Don't worry my sister, oneday a nice man will see the goodness in you and come for your hand in marriage"

Grace tapped her sister's hand and said: "Peace, when will that man come? I'm clocking 33, but yet, no man has ever said 'hi' and let alone seeking for my hand in marriage. Not that I'm not happy for Nana, I am so happy for her but despite her wayward lifestyle, God still blessed her with a husband, but look at me. I have been so faithful in my faith, I have never known any man. No man has ever climbed me, but still God does not want to answer my prayers. Just look at small Nana, the girl I knew when she was born, she is now getting married before me. Don't you think I will be a laughing stock in this village. People will now think that I'm cursed or that something is definitely wrong with me. I shouldn't remain single at this stage. I kept myself pure, what's still keeping me from getting married?" Grace said, sobbing

"Grace, I thought you just made a firm statement now that your own time will certainly come? Don't give up in your faith, only God knows the reason for everything. You shouldn't get worried because of it. Yes, Nana is your Junior and so what? She is running your own race while you run yours. Please, don't give up on your faith and allow God to take control of everything."

"You are right, Peace. I allowed the news to stir up my emotions. Its her time, so I have to be happy for her, I believe that one day, God will bless me with mine."

"Yes, now you are talking" Peace said, cheering her up.

Nana and Grace were paternal cousins. They lived in the same family compound in the village, though in different houses. Nana's Mother, Chibugo who ran a restaurant business was a very troublesome woman. She sometimes engaged Grace's mother into abusive fights. Having learnt the type of personality she had, Grace's mother maintained an arms length with her.
But that never stopped the children from having a relationship with their cousins.

Nana's in-laws will be coming the next day, but that never stopped her from enjoying her life
Grace who was returning from market was shocked to see her entering her boyfriend's compound.

"Wait! Is that not Nana that I'm seeing entering Efe's father's compound? Her introduction ceremony is tomorrow and she is still visiting that good for nothing boy and I don't think Efe's parents are around, they must have gone to market. Or maybe, she went to say goodbye.... Anyway, let me check to be sure" Grace said, entering the compound.

When she went closer to Efe's room, she was astounded to what her ear heard. "So soon, but she just entered now and they are making love already. This girl is so shameless. Somebody who will getting married tomorrow. I better leave her, after all what's my business. And God you have seen now. See the kind of person you decided to bless, while I keep waiting on you, keeping my virginity. OK oo, but just check it, is it fair... Check it oo, is it fair?" Grace lamented, looking up to the sky, feeling sad that God chose to give Nana a husband, while none was coming for her despite her decent life style.

While she was murmuring in disappointment, Efe and Nana heard a sound and they stopped what they were doing immediately, fearing that it was Efe's parents.
"Who could that be? But you said that your parents are not around?" Nana whispered, asking Efe

"Yes, they left in the morning. Just wait here, let me check who the person is" Efe said, wearing his boxers.

When he stepped out, he saw Grace standing by their window, looking lost in thoughts.

"Oh! Grace, is that you? You startled me." Efe said, smiling faintly

"Did he just called Grace?" Nana said, stepping out to see the Grace he was talking to. When she saw her, she was confused on what she was doing there.
"Grace, what are you doing here? Nana asked, looking confused.

And Grace drew her by the hand and stepped outside.
"Grace, what is it? Why dragging me like this? Please stop it, you are hurting me" Nana said, slipping her hand off from her

"Nana, what is wrong with you? I dragged you out here so that your boyfriend won't hear our discussion."

"And what discussion are you talking about?" Nana asked, giving a stern questioning look.

"Nana, does Efe know?" Grace asked

"Know what?"

"That you will be getting married soon and that your in-laws will be coming tomorrow?"

Her question made Nana released a faint quick smile. "But what difference will it make if he knew? Grace, I have known so many guys in my life but Efe seemed to be the best. I have never seen a man who bang like he does...sorry, you might not know the meaning of "bang". He knows how to dig my honey pot and hit the G-spot. Only him knows how to do that, so how do you expect me to leave him because of one stupid marriage like that? Listen, I'm so aware that I will be getting married soon, but that doesn't mean that I should quit my friendship with Efe."

"What? Nana! What are you saying?" Shocked Grace asked, with her eyes looking wide.

"Grace, do you think I should be explaining this to you? Because you can not understand anything. My cousin sister, life is only but once, enjoy it. Just look at you, sometimes, I wonder what makes you happy..... There is no spice in your life. Why are you covering that thing? Open it up and enjoy your life, I bet you, you will appreciate me for advising you to. And besides, what benefit has it generated you? Nothing! You think men are so interested in virgins? Wake up cousin, and face reality. Look at me, I'm 7 years old younger than you, but I will be getting married tomorrow. I used to hear some of the things you people have been saying behind my back..... Oh yes! Spoilt Nana and all that, and now tell me, what is happening now? That same spoilt Nana has a suitor now, but you, who do you have? Nobody! No man has ever said ''hi", so stop deceiving yourself and get yourself a boyfriend. Stop being stingy with your thing, otherwise, it will get rusted forever and no man will be able to dig it"

Grace was already feeling despondently weak at all Nana was blurting.
She only pretended to feel unconcerned. She then asked: "Then why are you getting married, since you can't leave Efe"

"Don't be ridiculous, Grace. How do you expect me to have only one man in my life? Off course, one needs to be married and have children, and my soon to be husband is very rich, but he is not good on bed. Reason I accepted to marry him is because his money can give me and my children the comfortable life we desire. At least, that I can manage. He can't starve me because I'm getting married to him. So Grace, if you are done asking me questions, I would love to return to Efe and continue with what we were doing...... And hey! You are free to join us, if you want to" Nana said, smiling annoyingly, returning to Efe, while Grace looked on, as tear dropped from her eyes on how she was insulted by her younger cousin.

Please, better not copy this work, I don't want anybody to come crying to me again that his or her Facebook or social media account was blocked.... Don't say I did not warn you on time this time around.

To be continued..

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without permission from the author.

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