Barely 24 hours after he was employed as a guard, man locks colleagues up, steals Laptops (photo)

Reporting from NewTelegraph
Though he describes his stealing habit as a spell by evil forces, security operatives said they are not fooled by the superstitious excuse an alleged notorious thief, Abdumalik Tijani, is peddling.

Tijani according to the police did not waste time in exhibiting his criminal tendencies as he allegedly stole four laptops barely 24 hours after he was employed as a guard with the Christ- Cross security company.

Tijani, 18, would have absconded with his loot but for quick intervention of policemen attached to the Victoria Island Police station who were on patrol operation and accosted him around 3am and asked him what he was carrying in his backpack.

Narrating how he was arrested, Tijani said:
    “I am from Kabba in Kogi State. I came to Lagos and started attending church regularly. After attending church for two weeks, the pastor noticed I was always begging for money. He called me to his office and asked me my name was but I lied to him that my name is Christopher Benson.
    He introduced me to a private security company called ChristCross Security Company and they employed me immediately. I was employed on Friday and was given orientation with a salary package of N18, 000 per month.
    I was deployed to the Trinity House on Victoria Island on Saturday but I had a strange urge to steal. I already hatched a plan and when the three other guards on duty with me were fast asleep at midnight, I locked them up in the security room and went into the office where I stole four laptops. One Apple and three HPs laptops. I packed all the laptops in a backpack and sneaked out of the place.
    “Trying to hide my crime, I called our supervisor on the telephone and told him that I was kidnapped on my way to buy food. Luck however ran out on me when a team of policemen on patrol saw me with the backpack and ordered me to stop.
    I lied to them that I was coming from a far place but the policemen did not buy the story I told them. They opened my bag and saw the laptops. They took me to the Victoria Island Police Station and I was detained. I intended to sell one laptop for N10, 000 at Computer Village.”

Narrating how he ventured into crime, Tijani added:
    “I started stealing since I was young. I was stealing in my village and I remembered that I stole money when I was 15 years old. When I came to Lagos I started stealing again. I would stand at the bus stop at Ilupeju area and snatch phones and handbags from women on bike. There was a day I was caught at Mushin area stealing phones and I was arrested and put behind the counter. I lied to the police that my name was Tosin Daramola.
    I escaped from custody and went back to stealing. I cannot do without stealing. It’s like I am under an evil spell.”

 It was gathered that the police on the Victoria Island Police station charged the suspect to the Igbosere Magistrate Court 8 on charges related to theft.

Tijani pleaded guilty to the charge and appealed to the Magistrate Hon. Oghe G. O to tamper Justice with mercy. The Magistrate convicted the accused and sentenced to three months in jail without the option of a fine.


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