‘Agitating for Biafra Republic is Insane’, Charly Speaks

The renowned Nigerian social activist and singer, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy has advised the agitators for the emancipation of Biafra to desist from seceding but rather join hands in unity to proffer solutions to the problems of Nigeria.

In an interview published by the Sun, he noted that it is however insane to continue clamouring for the independence of Biafra as the foundational problem is not about that.

Read what he said:
    “Unfortunately, the dreams of nationhood is lost on the altar of deception, and my Igbo brothers must be circumspect on the fact and history, and not be hoodwinked into some insane propaganda that will only lead to more wahala. 
    “So, instead of Biafra, we should channel our energies and abilities towards developing the South-east to become the economic hub of Nigeria. Igbo nation and my people are great but for us to move forward we must kill our individualistic tendencies and come together to do great things. 
    “The fall of Biafra after the genocide, starvation, and immense suffering of my people should teach us something. I believe the failure of the Igbo nation is the fault of the people, her so-called elites and decision-makers. Why have we not poured our energy, capacity and ability into making the South-east the Dubai of the nation as well as the engine room of the Nigerian economy? Who would be our leaders when the South-east is infested with political power-grabbers, 419ers, mindless criminals and looters of our commonwealth and resources? Need I mention names? 
    “Our problem is the lack of men of integrity and a progressive mindset. We lack the right kind of leadership that will fight for the interest of the people. Let it be clear to all that the sufferings and poverty of the people of the South-east are also the sufferings and poverty of the peoples of the other geopolitical zones in Nigeria, including my northern brothers. Even the nascent anti-corruption fight in the country has seen all tribe accordingly represented. It is therefore retrospectively insane to begin to think that a people with a problem would suddenly be relieved when they are attached with a tag #BIAFRA; Abegi.

The Sun Newspaper

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