Zakzaky is in a house we built for him, he’s not in detention – Lai Mohammed

Speaking on a Channels TV programme on Thursday, Nigeria’s Minister of information, culture and tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, disclosed arrested  leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, is not in detention.

According to the Minister, Zakzaky is currently staying with his family in a house built for them by the federal government, as nobody wants to accept him as a neighbour.

    “There is a lot of deliberate misunderstanding on El-Zakzaky’s issue,” he said.
    “If a judgment is given and that judgment is appealed, you cannot accuse the government of violating a court order if the appeal has not been decided.
    “Also, in the case of El-Zakzaky, how many Nigerians know that El Zakzaky is actually not in prison custody nor police custody nor DSS custody? El-Zakzaky is in a house with his family, this is the honest truth.
    “The court ruled that he will be released after his house has been rebuilt. Nobody wants to accept El-Zakzaky as a neighbor. So we have been able to build a house, where do we release him to.”

El- Zarzaky is currently being detained by the government following last year’s clash between the Shi’ite and the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna.

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