Xperia Weird Stories: Dirty Sleep" Episode 1

Xperia Weird Stories: Dirty Sleep" Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Its Christmas season, period families come together for one particular purpose. Different dimensions of merriment are observed in this special season.
Period old friends unite again and share how far they have gone in life.
In this period, some men who think they have gotten it all, that they have succeeded in capturing the hard currencies, flaunt themselves around, intimidating those who are still struggling to have a world of their own.

The kinsmen most times make matters worse. Their actions towards those who are still struggling to succeed speak louder than their voices.
In some villages, community meeting can never proceed without the arrival of those who they perceive as "acquiring the cash".

"Yes, when it comes to money, he can be trusted because he has it in abundance. Did you see the Jeep he came back with? That Okeke's son of yesterday has now grown into a very rich man, not like that Mazi Okafor's son. I have always known that he will be a very useless person when he grows."

"Forget that one. I also heard he still beg his father for money. Useless man, he will not go and hustle like his fellow men. Every year, he remains the same. Tufia!"

These were the conversations between two old men in the village of Ngene.

Success to them means "having money" but how that money was acquired is none of their businesses. They are always oblivious of this fact.

Nduka went to the house of his childhood friend, Mekus, (as he was popularly called) who returned from Malaysia.
Not upto 5 Months he traveled to the Asian country, he hit the mega money. Everybody was amazed on how he acquired great wealth in a short period of time.
Nduka was at ease that his friend, Mekus never avoided nor ignored him.

"Guy, I thought that you will bullshit me like some people do when they make money. Seriously, I think you will show me levels, that I don't belong to your class anymore"

Mekus smiled faintly and said: "Nduka....why would I avoid your company, we are still friends. So why would I do that?"

"Mekus, maybe your own perception about life is different, but I am telling you, that's what most people does"

"Well, everybody can't be the same. So tell me, what's up with you, how is life treating you?" Mekus asks

"Mekus my friend, honestly, life has not been fair to me. I have actually become an object of mockery in my father's eyes. He sees me as a worthless fellow. Life has not been fair to me at all. Just yesterday, I opened up to him about me getting married, he laughed at me as if am wearing a torn cloth. Its kind of frustrating, I'm worthless in my father's eyes."

"But Nduka, don't you know your father is right? You said you are still struggling, so tell me, how are you going to take care of your family? So you want your wife and children to suffer in abject poverty? Come on man, don't even think of getting married now. Don't you know that women hardly show regards to their husband when he is not swimming in ocean of money." Mekus said

"Mekus, you are right but what am I going to do? I have tried all I could but favour is not coming my way. And its also one of the reasons I came to your house. Just look at you my friend, you became a millionaire under 5 months. This is unbelievable. Please Mekus, introduce me, I am your friend, please show me the way. I am ready to do anything once it will put money on my table, we have being friends since childhood, just help your friend. I can't stand my father's insult and humiliation any longer." Nduka warmly pleads

And the way he was pleading made Mekus to laugh so timidly.
He said in a low tone: Nduka, I can see your desperation and frustration, they are written all over you. I have always had this notion in my mind. I have been fashioning out for a way to tell you about this, but situations had not been appropriate. But here you are, requesting for the same thing. Which means our mind is working together. Nduka, you have been my friend, and to tell you the truth, I am not happy seeing you wallowing in poverty. I have seen the way, so I will be a very wicked friend if I deny you this opportunity of becoming rich just like me. So I am willing to show you the way so that your father won't have to disgrace you ever again and you will also help your family "

And Nduka's hope became on again, he started imagining himself becoming a millionaire in few months.
He quickly knelt down,  thanking Mekus for agreeing to help him without creating any difficult situation.

"What are you doing, Mr Man? Get up please, I am doing what every other friend should do, provided you don't betray me. But I know we will get along so well because you are a trustworthy person. So now, get up please" Mekus urges

"Mekus, you really don't know how I am feeling right now. You have given me hopes again. Thank you, you are a very nice person." Nduka appreciates

"Come on, its nothing. So, tomorrow, you will get ready, we will be going to Onitsha to meet my Boss. He is in a better position to explain everything to you."

"Ow! you have a boss?" Nduka asks

"Yes, he is the one who made me what I am today. Without him, I would still be roaming the street, hustling my life out" Mekus explains

"Wow, I can't wait to meet him then."

"Yes, tomorrow, I will introduce you to him"

Nduka was extremely happy that day, he couldn't believe that his days of suffering were soon coming to an end. When he got home that day, he requested for food.
But his father obstructed his younger sister who was about entering the kitchen to get him something to eat.

And that behavior angered his mother.
"Papa Nduka, what do we call this now, won't my son eat in his father's house again?"

"Whose father's house? I am beginning to wonder if he is actually my son, because he is not behaving like someone who has my Gene running through him. He is too lazy, see his mates buying cars, building houses, spending money, but him, what is he good at? Always smooching round his mother, begging for money. This Christmas, what did you came home with? Nothing. You only managed to buy one wrapper for your mother and your head is swelling up about it like a decayed goat. Shame on you. I am ashamed to call you my son. Don't you see Mekus your friend, can't you learn from him? Mekus is a typical example of hardworking man, and not useless people like you. See you, continue following your mother, also join him in the kitchen because there is no difference between you and a woman. Lazy fool" the father cursed, hissing loudly.

"Papa, don't worry, this money you are always talking about, I will soon make it, but when it finally comes, you won't smell any of it" Nduka replied angrily at his father

"Nduka my son, don't talk back at your father like that, you know how he is? He is not always serious."

"Mama, I can't continue respecting a man who no longer consider me his son. As for this house, I will leave this house for him and never return. I won't step foot here ever again and I mean it" Nduka said, entering inside to get his things.

"Papa Nduka, you see what you have caused now, don't make him leave, please stop him. I beg you, please stop him" Nduka's mother pleads, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

She rushed inside, trying to prevent Nduka from leaving, but he already made up his mind.
"But where are you going now my son?" The mother asked

"Mama, I am returning to the city but that will be after I finished the business I have with Mekus"

"Mekus, what business do you have with him?" The mother asks with a furrowed face

"Mother, its not something I will start explaining now. Just take care of yourself, we will be talking on phone" Nduka said and left.

While he was leaving, the mother continued looking at him, a strange feeling rained on her.
"But why am I feeling as if something is about happen? What business could he possibly have with that Mekus. Ever since he made that his money, I began resenting him. He might have succeeded in fooling the whole villagers, but he can't fool me. That his money did not come from natural means, and I hope he doesn't lure or influence my son into such dirty means." The mother worries

The next day, Mekus took Nduka to the Boss he told him about.

"Nduka, meet my Boss, Oshimiri"

"Boss, meet Nduka, my childhood friend, the one I told you about"

And the two greeted each other.

So after much social talk, Mekus revealed to Oshimiri that Nduka was ready to join their world.
Oshimiri nodded and asked him if he had fed him with all the necessary details.

Mekus replied "yes".

Then Oshimiri looked at Nduka with a strange heavy look which made Nduka became nervous all of a sudden.

He asked, in a very deep voice: "Nduka, are you sure you are ready to join in the brotherhood? And be sure that once you enter, no turning back?"

Nduka did not think of anything, all he was so interested in was, making the money. He was tired of incessant humiliation and disgrace from his father. One of his first desire of acquiring the money was to use it to insult his father back.

So in a firm convincing voice, he said :"I am ready, Boss".

Mekus and Oshimiri nodded.

So they fixed a date for the initiation.
On that day, Mekus was introduced into the brotherhood.
So after the initiation, he was given his own assignment.
He was instructed to lick a girls va*na and sleep with her for 7 consecutive days at 12 midnight and on the last day, it will be done in a cemetery. And the girl will not bath for that 7 days.
"But you must keep one thing in mind, the girl must not be forced, she must accept to do it willingly. You will have to lick her first before climbing her" Oshimiri instructs

And Nduka became shocked. "How is that going to be possible?" Nduka blurts, with sheer impossibility written all over his face.

"Mekus, didn't you warn your friend that we don't question here?" Oshimiri asks, as his eyes flashed red in anger

"Please pardon him for that, my mistake Boss." Mekus pleaded, and signaled Nduka to keep his mouth shut.

So when they finally left the place, Mekus waited to see if Nduka would question him, or even react disappointedly, but he didn't, he was only anxious that the task was too heavy, that no girl would agree to do such a thing.

"Nduka, you surprise me, seriously. I thought you will be mad that I brought you to a place like this, but you didn't, why?"

"Mekus, I have noticed that God only help those who help themselves. There is no easier way to make money. Majority of the rich men in the village have acquired theirs through dirty means, but see how they are being worshipped. All my years of hard labour have proven to be meaningless, nothing to write home about. My only worry now is how to get this deal done. Its so weird, no girl will agree to sleep with me with such a condition"

"Well, if that's the only thing you are worried about, then you don't have a problem at all. Show me a girl who doesn't like money. Don't worry, I assure you this task is very simple. This night, we will go to school environment, and you will see handful of them hanging around. Once you flaunt cash at their faces, they will be willing to do anything for you without considering the consequences. From time immemorial, women have always been slaves to money." Mekus said, casting off Nduka's worries.

"Wow, you are right, Mekus, but how do I get the money now."

"Naa, you shouldn't worry about that, I will give you 1million for this job, so don't worry. But remember, she will have to do it willingly, that is the only way it will work"

"Alright, but what will happen to her after then, will she die?" Nduka asks

"No, she will not die, but she will become useless for life" Mekus replies

"OK, no problem."

So later in the evening, they drove down to a particular spot where pros line up, waiting for customers.

And they met a lady named, Rose.

To be continued.

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