Stephanie Linus’ associate, Joy Ndidi debunks stealing script allegation

Following the script stealing allegation made against her by Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus,  and writer, Miss Daniella Madudu, over the “substantial similarity” and semblance to her original work, titled BEHIND HER VEIL, Ms Joy Ndidi, Stephanie Linus’ associate, has responded to the copyright infringement laid upon her.

It was gathered that a representative of Mrs Linus, Adeola Adeyemo, alleged that “Stephanie Linus will not be making a comment on this now as her Lawyers are handling it.”

However, here’s Ms Ndidi’s statement refuting the allegations;

    “I JOY NDIDI hereby refute Daniella Madudu’s claim that I copied her book to give to Stephanie Linus- idahosa.   Miss Madudu claims that I was one of her editors in 2011; This is a malicious lie as I have never read her book. I met Miss Madudu in 2014 in a friend’s dorm on a visit to Obafemi Awolowo University. I was introduced to her by a friend.

    I have always been a diehard fan of Stephanie Linus and I found out about her blog, in August 2012 where she posted a picture from the scene of dry.

    I had a friend who worked at Genevieve magazine early 2013 who gave me one of his old phones, I had a problem with my phone at the time. I saw Stephanie Linus number saved on the phone. I called the phone number but I couldn’t get through. I finally got across to her in May 2013, after I sent her series of my articles. I became her blogging assistant in June, 2013. After which she had already shot the first part of the Movie ‘Dry’ (Nigerian scenes) as she showed me a teaser trailer on a visit to her house as her office was in her house.

    In July 2013, Stephanie released her teaser trailer in support of the “Child not bride campaign,” a month after I started working with her and she shot the remaining part of the movie same year.

    I met Daniella Madudu in February 2014, a year later. I was never Daniella’s friend not until that year. I also have cause to believe Daniella is doing this in order to exploit Stephanie Linus as I heard from a mutual friend that she is trying to release the book behind the veil and she wants to use Stephanie for cheap publicity.

    Stephanie already shot her movie before she hired me or ever met me at all and even released a teaser trailer before I met Daniella at all. So, her claims make absolutely no sense as facts don’t lie.”

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