See how this woman decided to punish her boyfriend for cheating on her (Photos)

Woman who looked all furious was caught on video hurling a large rock through the window of a BMW allegedly belonging to her cheating boyfriend.

She is also said to have smashed up the prized black motor with a tent peg and ripped off the number plates in a furious ten-minute rampage.

Photos show the car was left with the windscreen, back and side windows cracked or shattered.

Footage shows the moment the mystery woman – in a black dress and sunglasses – finished her wrecking spree by lifting the stone above her head and lobbing it through the side window.

She then leaned in to retrieve the rock which she dumped in a garden before running off with the metal peg still in her hand.

The video was filmed by Ben Taylor, 21, in Cardiff. He said:
She was smashing up the car for about ten minutes.

“She kept smashing the windows with what I think was a tent peg.

“The police turned up seconds after she had run away.”
Pictures of the damage were shared on social media. Locals claimed the woman was seeking revenge on a “cheating boyfriend” – but neither person was named.

South Wales Police said they were called to the scene but have not arrested anyone.

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