“N96m spent by this administration to purchase horses for six emirate councils” – Bauchi State Government Reveals

The Bauchi state Commissioner for Local government Affairs, Nasurudeen Mohammed, disclosed that the State Government spent a total of N96 million to purchase horses for the six emirate councils in the state in the last two years.

He listed the emirate councils as Bauchi, Misau, Dass, Jamare, Katagum and Ningi at a press conference in the state capital, Bauchi.

He said:
    “N96 million was expended by this administration in the last two years for purchase of horses to six emirate councils to maintain the tradition and culture of the state,”

The commissioner, whose ministry was responsible for coordinating the activities of the 20 local government areas in the state, explained that the gesture was as a result of the request by the emirate councils.

He explained that the ministry served as a liaison office between the three tiers of government to ensure prudent releases and that N72.9 million was spent by the ministry to print uniform and  indigenes certificates for all the local government areas.

He said the state government spent N8.9 million to organise Inter-Local Government and Governor’s Cup competition and that N55 million was used to print and distribute revenue receipt for all the local government areas.

He included that the government settled legal fees and debts owed by some local government areas like Shira, Alkaleri, Dambam, Misau, Bauchi, Giade and Toro to safeguard the image of the government.

Meanwhile, In 2015, a United Nations poverty index report said 86.6 percent of Bauchi state residents were poor making the state one of the poorest states in Nigeria.

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