Lolz! See what this female thief was caught doing inside the house she went to steal in Port Harcourt

Hahahahaha! When the devil wants to expose you, he will make you to be behaving anyhow..

A female thief faced with disgrace in Port Harcourt yesterday after she was caught chilling on her victim’s bed.

While she was being interrogated by an angry mob, the young lady revealed she had dumped prostitution for stealing.

Nawao, what a life, she dumped prostitution and started stealing....hmm

The story was shared by Amaka of Vyah Couture:
    See thief o! My friend just sent me this video, happened yesterday in Portharcourt … This girl and her female gang robbed an area, while one of the girls went to drop the first set of things they stole, this particular girl broke into a woman’s house,,, unluckily for her the woman came back and found her door open and this thief was busy cooling off on her bed.

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