Kidnapped gay rights activist Chibuihe Obi regains freedom (Full update/photos)

Yesterday, we brought you report of how a Nigerian writer and a gay rights activist, Chibuihe Light, was kidnapped by suspected homophobes in Owerri. However, according to sources close to him, he has been released.

It all started on Saturday, when Chibuihe Obi who was supposed to turn up for a literary event in Nsukka was nowhere to be found.

Chibuihe whose journey to freedom on the heels of a message relayed to friends and followers on his social media page “Isiala mbano hedqater pik him dia,” on the night of Sunday, June 4,/2017, narrated his ordeal in the hands of his abductors who had him for 3 days before releasing him.

His friend Paulcy Cyprian Iwuala who had been assigned to come pick him from the location he will be dropped by his abductors,  got to the location on Sunday, but couldn’t find him.

“Paulcy found a corper’s lodge, but Chibuihe was not there. We asked him to search in the bush, no show. He went and hung around the village. And then a call came to him to come pick up Chibuihe by 6:30am (on Monday)”

“He drove off again to the police station where some corpers had taken Chibuihe to. Paulcy found him there and drove him back to Owerri.”

Sources claimed that friends and family of Chibuihe Light Obi did not enter into any negotiations with his abductors, in the three days that they held him captive.

He returned with seemingly minor injuries, and when asked if hurt, we learnt Chibuihe he disclosed his injuries were a minor one.

Here’s what he said;
“When I asked him if he needs to go to the hospital, he said yes. But not yet“

The obviously traumatized Chibuihe however said that his abductors covered his face during his three-day ordeal, and as such he has no idea of his abductors. He has also said that his kidnappers have all the money in his account via his atm cards.

As to the reason behind his kidnap, speculations may not be far from true as the writer has told close friends and family that his abductors asked him: “so you are that lgbt rights boy.”

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