"I'm now a political activist" — Repentant Kemi Olunloyo says, as she shares her mind

Kemi Olunloyo seem like a changed person already. After she was released from prison few days ago, the controversial journalist has said she’d no longer be placing curses on people.

Kemi says she’s now a political activist and she thanked people who reached out to her while in prison and also those who are currently contributing to help her offset her debts.

She also sent a shout to actress, Georgina Onuoha who despite their social media war, called for her release from prison.

Read what she wrote below;
    “Today I’m waking up as a political activist. The hashtag is #hnnact Journalism @hnnafrica will be back after my trial. I lost close to $300k in wages, ads, freelance assignments and revenues. My travel docs also seized and tied to my job.
    I have run out of money. Flights back and forth to #PortHarcourt trial, hotel, transportation to court is why I set up a post for legal expenses. Another one is going up today on #GoFundMe Thanks to all those who sent me money so far.
    I appreciate you all. The love and support is overwhelming. S/O to my sister @IbinaborFiberisima who visited me in prison with lots of food, provisions and cash in April 2017. Thank you dear for sending me even more money on Monday the day I left. She truly surprised me. That has gone to the legal fund.
    To @georginaonuoha who we fought each other vigorously, it is well. I read your appeal to #AsoRock to release me.
    May God protect you and your lovely girls. No curse will befall them. I no longer place curses on people’s heads. GOD FORBID. I love you all
    Goodbye PH
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