“If your husband asks you for a DNA Test, kill him” - Nigerian Lady vents (see reason)

There is a drama going on, on Social Media today, after a man shared a post about DNA Tests.

Here is the gist.. It all started from a Guy named Ben Otu.. He owns a Facebook Group called Ila Otu, and he shared a request on his wall from one of his readers. The reader needed advise on a Good Hospital in Nigeria where a DNA test can be done.

He further revealed he traveled out for many months and he has many reasons to believe his wife cheated on his when he was away, as thus, he needs to carry out DNA tests on his children. He wrote;

    Please if you know any Good Hospital in Lagos where someone can perfectly carry out DNA test on my two children. Something keep telling me that my wife was cheating on me in Nigeria all this while I have been outside the country. I came back specifically for this.
    I took her unawares and luckily for her, I didn’t catch her with any man. Now I want to take these my two kids to any quality hospital here in Lagos for DNA to clear my doubts.
    The earlier, the better. Kindly suggest any Hospital in Lagos for me. I don#t know anywhere here.
    Please if you want to post, kindly post on your personal wall and not on the Group wall because my wife is a member of Ila Otu but she is not your friend on Facebook.

After Ben shared the story of the man, He got a response from that same man which reads;

Response from the man who requested for a good hospital in Lagos to carry out DNA on his children:
    Ben thank you for posting this on your personal wall. I have read some suggested hospitals from your friends. I think I will take them to any of the suggested hospitals. Thanks once more.
    However, I don’t understand why some of our friends especially ladies were cursing and insulting me. What is wrong if I do DNA test on my children to make sure I am truly their father?
    Ben, tell me from your own mind, is it wrong?
    Some of them are saying I should swear that I am not cheating on her in UK, Ben the truth is that I am a very decent and responsible man. I don’t do all those nonsense.
    Others are saying I should bring her over there but Ben it’s not necessary bringing her there. We have our plans. I opened a big Supermarket for her to keep her busy and I am sending money always to finance it. She is also taking charge of our house at the new site to make sure everything is complete.
    Please Ben, tell your friends not to always abuse someone when he or she needs advice. I now understand that women shiver once they hear DNA. In fact they have given me more reason to go for it.
    Thanks Ben for your platform! Kindly send me the Group account number. let me make little support to your activities!

Soon after he shared the posts, Ben got a threat from a female reader who cautioned him against bringing up the DNA issue on Social media.

Then, a particular lady, Mama Denzel on Facebook advised women to kill their husband if their husband demads for a DNA test in any way. She wrote;

    “Dear women, if your hubby asks for a DNA test and you know the kids ain’t his, pa danu.
    Kill him and enjoy your life.
    These same men that will rent an apartment for a girl, pay her monthly salary, buy her a car and keep her tushed up while he refuse to buy you a car and clothes.
    These men should be taught lessons.
    I wont’ cheat on you oh. I’d rather masturbate. But If I ever get proof that you’re cheating, I will seduce and sleep with all your close friends on my fertile period without condom. And bring their children for you to train.
    Stupid men.
    Especially politicians.”

Then the trend went viral. Everyone on Facebook jumped on the DNA topic.. and well, below are some screenshots;

Culled from Yabaleftonline

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  1. Woooomen! Women are wicked...I keep saying it, not all women tho


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