‘I have 9 other kids, but they’re bastards’ - Man says, praising pregnant wife on Facebook

Nawao, some people's brain needs factory reset.
An American man, Jarron Keith Carter, set to welcome a child with his wife, shocked his friends yesterday, after he called the 9 children he had with his babymamas, bastards!!

In A Facebook post that has gone viral, Carter shared the below photo and wrote;
    ‘2 years ago today I married my beautiful wife. I remember walking down the aisle knowing this it. I took a big step in life when I made that decision, but I don’t regret it. Being married tests everything.
    It tests you physically, mentally, it even tests you faithfully. What I love so much about our marriage is that, we’ve never seemed to lose each other. We believe everything is so workable, and nothing can separate us. Together we are so powerful. I can’t brag and say our marriage is perfect, but it’s better than the last 5 I have been in.
    Today is also special to me because, a few weeks ago while at work you texted me with a message that almost caused me to break down in tears. I’ve wanted to run and tell everybody about the news, but you just told me to wait until the right time. Well today is the right time, because your first trimester is closing.
    This kid will be so special to me, yes I have 9 other kids, but they’re bastards. For 4 years you were a really great girlfriend. For 2 years you have been an awesome wife. Within a few months, you will be a much better mother. I love you so much. Happy Anniversary.’

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