Even after two Babymamas, Flavour says he’s still searching for a “God-Fearing” woman

Nigerian High-life singer, Flavour says he’s still searching for a God-fearing woman, even after he has 2 babymamas.

In a new chat with Punch, the singer who has two daughters with two different women, both former beauty queens, revealed what he’s searching for in a woman, subtly driving home the point that the mothers of his daughters did not meet that criteria.

See the excerpt of his interview with Punch:

On being perceived as a sex symbol, he said:

It feels great and it is a motivation for me to keep working hard on my music and also my body. I visit the gym three times in a week even with my busy schedule. Though it is not easy, it is what I have to do.

On his relationship with his babymamas and daughters, he said:

I have a wonderful relationship with my children and I love them so much. I am also on good terms with their mothers and everything is fine.”

On the kind of woman he is searching for, he said:

I love a woman who is not fake; she has to be natural at all times. She has to be someone who knows the difference between Flavour and Chinedu. To cap it all, she must be God-fearing.

On the downside of stardom, he said:

Stardom has robbed me of a lot of things but I believe that, in life, there is no gain without pain. Ordinarily, I love to lead a simple life but that’s not possible anymore. As human beings, there could also be times that I’m dealing with some personal issues but people wouldn’t want to know. They would expect you to be smiling all the time; and if you don’t, they would accuse you of being proud and snobbish. But the beautiful thing is that I am living my dream.

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