Dirty Sleep: Episode 5

When she wanted to leave, she remembered how bad people complained she was smelling.
"I think I should take a bath before leaving, I can't again, stand the kinds of insult I experienced the other day. But won't that mean, disrupting the prayers?" She paused for some seconds, thinking.
No, I am done with this stupid prayer. I have never believed all these prophets before, so I don't know why I believed this one so easily. Though I have not had a bath for days now, but I shouldn't be smelling like they all claimed. And having a thorough thoughts about it, why would God demand such kind of weird prayers? It's so ridiculous. Making love with someone in a graveyard? What nonsense? Rose, you are very stupid oo. Can you imagine, I haven't even thought of it. Once I leave from this place, I am going straight to a chapel to pray. If actually the prophet was saying the truth, then God will never allow any harm to come near me after I must have prayed to him in a chapel, and I will also embark on a fasting, garnishing it with midnight prayers. Yes, that's the only true prayers that I know about, not making love and sucking ones VG. I have to leave from here before I see those weird things again, I am loosing my mind already." She said, gathering her things.

Nduka and Mekus had visited Oshimiri to relay to him how far he had gone with the rituals.
"The great Oshimiri, we are here as you requested, so far, my task is going smoothly. The girl is still under my control. I only have 3 days left....I"

"Until now." Oshimiri interrupted

And they kept quiet, looking at him, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Nduka, as we speak, the girl is about leaving the place where you kept her, your words are no longer convincing to her.
You will have to prevent that from happening. And......she is considering taking a bath. Now go and stop her, otherwise the reverse will be the case."

And the two friends hurriedly left as Nduka feared on what his fate would be if Rose finally took a bath.
"Nduka, you have to call her on phone now. Tell her not to do anything stupid otherwise her life will be in danger." Mekus advised, controlling the steering.

"Yes! Yes! You are right. This girl will surely give me a heart attack. The one she did the other day nearly killed me, and now she is planning to leave for real. Oh no! This shouldn't happen. You know, when Oshimiri gave me this task, I thought it will be very easy thing to do, but now I see, it means playing inside fire. Now my life is also at risk"

"Nduka, stop complaining and call her" Mekus demanded

"Yes, that is what I am doing, it's ringing but she is not answering. Please drive fast." And Nduka continued calling.

"Why is he calling me now? I am not going to tell him that I am leaving, I have already made up my wind. This house is cursed, I can't stay here anymore, otherwise I will loose my mind" Rose said to herself and then answered the call

"Beauty, where are you going? Why do you want to leave me?" Nduka asked romantically.

And the question shocked Rose: "He found out, but how? OK let me ask him?"
"Who told you that I am leaving?"

"Beauty, the pastor called me now that you are about endangering your life, we shouldn't skip a day, remember? Otherwise something disastrous will happen. I don't want to loose you my love, I don't want anything to happen to you, otherwise I will loose myself. You are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Please don't go" Nduka pleads, lovingly.

His words melted Rose's heart: "And she said OK, I will stay. But where are you?"

"We are driving towards the house now, you will see us soon. What would you like me to get for you?" Nduka asked

"I don't need anything, please come soon, I am loosing my mind here, I have been seeing some strange things since morning. To tell you the truth, I am terrified. I will stay outside and wait for you, I can't be inside here all alone, this house is cursed. I feel like something is looking at me right now.. Please come fast, before I get scared to death" Rose pleads

"Alright, you will see me soon." Nduka disconnected the call, smiling at himself.

"Mehn, you have just handled the situation so perfectly. Women! They so much love marriage that you can trick them with it. So things are now under control again. Maybe, we can branch to a mall and buy some cloths for her, both jewelries and shoes. Let her be under your debt." Mekus suggested

"You are right. Let me call her and ask her for her shoe size" Nduka said, calling her.
And she said, size 29.

So they drove to a shopping mall, bought different kinds of designer wears and accessories for her.
"At least with these, she won't dream of disobeying me again. She will do anything I ask her do. Her mind will be telling her not to loose this man, that he is one in a million, that she can't find any man like him anywhere in the entire world" Nduka said.

"Yes, you are absolutely right. Women suddenly loose their sense of reasoning when you shower them with plenty of money and also promising them marriage"

"Yes, just few days remaining, I will become the latest millionaire in our village. I just can't wait"

"Yes buddy, you are already there" Mekus affirmed.

But when they got home, it wasn't what they expected.

"Nduka where is she?" Mekus asked, as they check the rooms, calling for Rose.

"Maybe she is hiding somewhere, she had complained that she was scared, let me call her on phone, to know where she is" Nduka said, calling her number and it gave a "switch off" notification.
"Where is she now, Rose?(he called) I am here, you can come out now"

But there was no response.
Nduka was still trying her number when his eyes struck the place Rose used to keep her bag.

"Mekus, her bag is not here! Her bag is not here!! Oh no! Not again!" Nduka became nervous.

"Oh shit! I think this time she has gone for real. We have to go to Oshimiri now, maybe he will help us find where she is." Mekus suggested

Rose was running as fast as her legs could carry her, panting in fear, looking behind her to know if Nduka and Mekus were pursuing her.
"No, I must get away from here as grandmother had instructed" she said remembering how her grandmother advised her to leave.
She was standing in front of a mirror, brushing her hair, at a moment, she stood fixed. She couldn't say anything, she wanted to shout, but she was only shouting inside her herself, her voice couldn't be heard.
Just then, she saw some of the people she knew, who were already dead. They were discussing, chatting among themselves.
Rose was forced to be looking at them, as her body remained fixed.
When one of them turned and saw her looking at them with fear glaring in her eyes, he tapped the other sitting close to him, and they all turned simultaneously, looking at her.
Their faces were shrinkingly ash in colour.
They all rose at same time, coming towards her, smiling, opening their hands in embrace form.
Rose couldn't move, she couldn't shout. She was seeing all those things because she was half way part of them, just few days remaining, she will be stuck in between life and death.

As they were coming close to her, suddenly her late grandmother appeared in front of her:"My daughter, what are you doing here? I want you to leave now, I said leave!" She pushed her, and Rose found her falling down hardly on the bed.
And then it occurred to her that things had gotten out of control.
"This is not dream, I wasn't sleeping, I was so awake, standing in front of the mirror. No no! I don't know what is going on here, I have to leave, I can't stay here any longer" Rose said grabbing her bag and ran away."
(The recall elapsed)

Nduka was no longer himself:" Mekus, instead of going to Oshimiri, why not call him and explain the situation to him"

"Oshimiri doesn't like discussing such matters over the phone, we need to get to his place right now. So get into the car."

And they spade off to Oshimiri's place where they were showed where Rose was hiding.
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