Dirty Sleep: Episode 2

Rose was that calm girl whose sole desire was to serve God all herself.
But the unbearable condition that visited her family induced her into thinking towards the negative side.

One day, she was in their hostel room crying, giving up hope on life after she received a call from home that her father who was a palm wine tapper fell from a tree and sustained a serious injury.

Before then, they had been trying to raise money for her mother's surgery, after her motorcycle accident.
And all efforts came to a halt following her father's accident.

"Oh Lord, why are you testing us like this? Why are you keeping so quiet? My father and mother need surgery, but where are we going to get the money? And who is going to pay for my school fees? Lord, please don't allow my parents to die. Please come to our rescue" Rose prayed, crying and in the process, slept off.

The next morning, her roommate, Okeoma who was a professional prostitute returned and saw her sleeping on the table.

"Rose? Rose, wake up" Okeoma tapped, waking her up

"Yes..yes" she answered, stretching herself, wiping her eyes and then looked at Okeoma, who was giving her a questioning look.

"Rose, don't tell me you slept like this the entire night? And what's that starch of tears on your face? You were crying?" Okeoma asked

And Rose remembered her pains again and narrated it to Okeoma.

"Rose, will you sit down and watch your parents die just like that? I have always told you to join me in this my type of business and enjoy life, but you said no, that your God will not forgive you. Rose, let me tell you, there is nothing like God. Where was he when all these things were happening to your family? Why didn't he save your parents? Stop suffering yourself, Rose. Now look at this money" Okeoma said, bringing out the money that was in her bag and then showed it to Rose
"Do you know how much I have here? This is 35k, just in one night. If I add it to the 21k I made last night, I am sure you will know how much it will be, this is the salary of some people who claim they are doing a legitimate job."

"But Okeoma, you made it from a dirty means. And besides, I have a boyfriend, I can't cheat on him"

"Rose, what stupid boyfriend are you talking about, the one who can not even pay for your school fees? Anyway, I have tried making you see reasons with me, the choice is yours to make" Okeoma said, changing her cloth.

Through out that day, Rose was racing with her mind. The more she remembered her family's condition, the more weak she became.

The next day, when Okeoma was about leaving for her normal night job, Rose called her back.
"Okeoma, are you leaving without me?"

And Okeoma turned looking at her with a questioning look: "Meaning?"

"Okeoma, I have given it a thorough thought and came to the conclusion that I am the one holding myself back. So wait for me let me get prepared."

"Rose, are you really serious?"

"Off course I am. Please help me and choose the dress to wear." Rose requests

So after dressing up, Rose felt her feet shivering in fear.
"But Okeoma, are you sure this is the right thing to do?"

"Off course its the right thing. I have been in this business since our year one and that is how I have been sustaining myself in school. So trust me, you are about to enter a new chapter. A chapter of bidding farewell to poverty."

Rose took a deep breath and said: "But I am feeling a bit nervous, I hope nothing bad happens to me."

"Yes, nothing bad will happen to you. And most importantly, you are not doing it for selfish reasons, you are doing it to save your family."

And Rose nodded. Few minutes later, they left.

Mekus and Nduka approached the pros stand, when they alighted, weighing the girls, searching for who to pick. When he got to Rose, he discovered she was not looking bold like the others, she was behaving timidly. And he then asked her for her name, she said "Beauty".

"Oh beauty, can you give me the honour of being with me this night?"

"And she smiled and said " yes".

"So shall we?" Nduka asked

And Rose began feeling strange, she looked at Okeoma who gave her a sign to go.
So she entered the car and they left.

Rose was so quiet, feeling nervous all through, asking herself if she was doing the right thing.

Nduka who noticed how frightened she looked asked her if she was alright, and she said yes.

When they reached Mekus house, he took her to a room and asked her to settle down.

"Can you please free yourself, so that you will feel comfortable." Nduka demands.

"Do you care for anything, Food or drink?" Nduka asked

And she said, she was OK, that she was not hungry.

"OK, but tell me, why are you looking so pale and scared?"

"Be...ca....use .....I...t's...my first....time" Rose stammered.

"Really? But why are you into prostitution?"

And Rose began crying, telling him that it was the condition of her family that pushed her into it, that it was not her true intention, she also narrated the situation of her family to him.
"Sir please, I beg you not to be rough with me, its really my first time"

Rose was busy explaining herself to him, while Nduka was busy feeding in her weakness.
"Oh wow! Favour is really on my side. She is desperately in need of money and also claiming the innocent church girl, she can be easily deceived. I will use her situation to my advantage and make her fall deeply, into my trap"

"Sir you look so quiet, are you thinking about what I told you? That I can't satisfy you like you want" Rose asks

"No no.. Beauty, to tell you the truth, you have just handicapped me with your situation. I hate seeing people suffering. OK, let me tell you the real truth, I was asked to pick you."

"Pick me, how?" Rose feared, thinking she had been kidnapped

"No, you don't have to look scared, you see, I just returned from US last month in search of a wife but all the ones I found doesn't satisfy my fancy. So I approached this man of God who told me that I will see my wife today. He was the one who told me that I will find my wife in the midst of prostitutes. He gave me the day and the time, so that was what happened this night, the moment I saw you, my heart rejoiced that you are the one made specially for me. So Beauty, I am here for you, I am here to wipe away your tears and lead you to another phase of your life, but that is only if you accept me. But I hope you will, because our marriage is already made in heaven." Nduka calmly explained

And Rose couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"Sir what are you saying?"

"I am your husband, Beauty. I did not bring you here to have s*x with you, I only brought you here based on the directive my spiritual director gave me. He said that our love will be love at first sight. Tell me, are you not feeling anything for me right now?"

"Um..to tell you the truth, I don't know. Trust me" Rose answers

"Not to worry, with time, everything will be clear in your eyes. So now, you have to sleep"

"And Rose lied on the bed, closing her eyes to sleep.

Nduka then left the room to meet with Mekus.

"Mekus, I really don't know how to tell her this, I don't think any girl in her right senses would accept to do such a thing. But while I was discussing with her, I discovered she was the "churchous type". I can get her do it through the church way, but that will be possible if I can get a fake prophet who I will pay to twist her brain."

"Off course we have one, he is also one of us, very soon, we will have our general meeting and you will get to see all the members. I can give you his number to meet him, but what kind of twisting are you talking about?"

"But Mekus wait, are you telling me that a pastor is......are you serious?"

"Off course, its not a new thing, some of all these pastors you see have a secret group they belong to. That is why when I see some of this church goers claiming they are worshipping what they think they are worshiping, I laugh in Swahili. They don't know they are indirectly worshiping our god. So tell me, what twist are you talking about?"

And Nduka who was still shocked at the pastors stories explained his reason for finding one.

 They were still discussing when Rose arose from the bed searching for Nduka.
"Why am I feeling this scared. He has assured me that he meant no harm, but still, I am scared. I'm feeling like I am being watched. I think I should go and call him." She said stepping out from the room, calling out "Sir"

"Its like she is calling me, let me go and check": Nduka excused himself and went inside, saw her looking worried: " Any problem? " he asked

"No problem, just that I am feeling so scared, I was hearing some creepy voices in that room. I don't know" Rose explained

"You shouldn't be scared, OK let's go and sleep" He lead her on the waist as they entered the room, some minutes later, they slept.

Nduka intentionally acted so gently, so as to create a different perception in Rose's mind about him.
And that kind gesture proved positive.
"I couldn't believe that gentle men still exist. I slept in your arms throughout the entire night, but you did not bother me for sex, I am impressed"

"Why should I disturb you when I know that soon, you will be mine." Nduka said, smiling and then said in his heart: "I am only being nice because I was instructed not to force you, otherwise, I would have threaten you with death" he hissed in his heart.

So, from that morning, Rose began falling for Nduka's trick. He blew her mind the more when he paid N300,000 into her bank account to send to her parents for their treatment.
"Oh Lord, I thank you for blessing me with a wonderful man like him." She appreciates and then called her friend, Okeoma and informed her about it.

The thing sounded so unbelievable to Okeoma.
"Just like that, and he gave her such a huge amount of money? Wow, she is so lucky"

"Beauty, we will have to go for a test to know if we are medically compatible, because I don't have much time to waste in Nigeria anymore. I can't wait to make you my wife." Nduka request

And Rose agreed immediately. 
They went for the lab, they also tested for HIV which all came out fine. 

"Step number one is now successful, now unto the next step" he said to himself.

"Beauty, I think we should go to that my pastor and ask him to see if there will be any obstacle in our marriage"

"There is no problem" she agreed

All these things were happening under oneday.

When they reached the ministry, the fake prophet began looking at them as if he was seeing something tragic.
"Children of God, your lives are in danger. Your enemies have already seen that you are about to get married, especially you my daughter. Your parents are in bad shape. What they are passing through is not ordinary. It's the handwork of the enemies. And that same people who put them in that condition have also seen your future, and they are already planning to kill you. They don't want this young man to marry you, because they knew he will bring light into your family."

And Rose became scared to the bones.
When the man pretended as if he was praying, Nduka looked at Rose and smiled in his heart that she fell for the trick without any questions.

He then held her hand and calmly said: " Don't worry, I am not going to leave you, we will fight them together "

And Rose nodded.

"My children, you will have to fortify yourself, you will have to unite together in love, unite together through love making for 7 consecutive days so that your spirit will become one and with that, they won't harm you again because your spirit will shield her from harm" the prophet instruct

"But man of god, she will soon be my wife, and who knows we might, even make love this night or tomorrow, so there is no deal." Nduka said

So the pastor smiled and said: "My son, you will sleep with her while dirty for seven days. Woman, you will not bath for seven days, he will lick you and then sleep with you at 12 midnights and on the last day, you two will do it in a grave yard"

"What? Pastor this is ridiculous. I can't do it, is she the only woman in this earth?" Nduka pretended

"My son, she is your wife, you will have to protect her otherwise her enemies will destroy her, please, she has a bright future, don't allow them to kill her" the prophet pretended to be concerned

Nduka pretended, looking so mad at Rose, who was already shivering in fear.
In a teary eyes, she looked at him and begged, "please save me, please"

And Nduka the drama king, acted as if her pleas had ameliorated his heart, and he said, OK, I will do it, since you are already my wife."

Rose appreciated Nduka, promised him that she will be a good wife to him.

 To her, she felt he was doing her a huge favour, but she never knew that reverse was the case.
Nduka jubilated that his plans were already in placed.

That night, the first day of the ritual began, the Va*ina was not smelling yet, so it was not that difficult for him to lick.

After they slept, Rose dreamt where she was vomiting blood, and her nails began turning black, she forcefully woke, breathing heavily, as she sweat profusely.

But delved in sharp fright and shouted out in fear when she looked at Nduka whose face was staring at her in a very close range, looking pure black.

To be continued..

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