Dirty Sleep: Episode 11 (THE END) Xperia Weird Stories

Rose was agitated with zealous means of making it out alive.
When one is running for his life, he found himself doing things he couldn't do under normal circumstances.
That was exactly the way Rose was feeling at that moment.
"Rose, its either you or them.. So run for your life" she said to herself

When she reached downstairs, she noticed that Mekus was pursuing her with height determination.
"No, I shouldn't let him catch me.. What am I going to do now?"
She was asking herself that question, running as fast as her legs could carry her, when her eyes glimpsed on the bottle of liquor Mekus and Oshimiri were consuming earlier.

She grabbed it and hit it on the floor, it broke, as the pieces splashed on the floor, not too distance from where she and Mekus were standing.

Mekus wanted to dodge it, but it was already too late for him.
He stepped on the broken pieces with force, and some dipped right into his foot.
He screamed in pain, and also lost his balance in the process and fell right on the broken pieces. Inflicting more wound on his body.

He looked up, staring at Rose who was somehow relieved that she had somehow neutralized him from pursuing her.

Just then, Oshimiri who was still massaging his waist which was hit on the floor spoke out in a loud voice, demanding Mekus to bring his bag to him.
That he shouldn't bother pursuing her, that he should get his bag for him.

On hearing that, Rose decided to use that to her advantage.

Mekus struggled to get it, but Rose ran to the spot, grabbed the bag and ran away.

When Oshimiri finally stood up, he managed to step out and saw Mekus gnashing his teeth in pain, struggling to run after Rose, but the pains were too unbearable for him.

Oshimiri who saw what was happening to him asked him to stop, that he had the situation under control.
"All I need is just the bag, that's all, she can't get away from us"

"But she took the bag and ran away" Mekus told him.

"What? Why did you allowed her take the bag? Mekus if that bag is not retrieved from her, we are finished. All the necessary things I need to take care of the situation is in that bag. Now run after her and make sure you get it from her"

Mekus stood, limping to get to Rose, but situations were now against their favour.

The moment Rose opened the gate to ran off, the police swoop in.

"Yes, thank Goodness you guys are here. The evil men are right inside. Just go in now and catch them"

And the police stormed in immediately and nabbed them. Rose also directed them to where Nduka's body was laid.

Rose then heaved a sigh of relief, appreciating God for his saving grace.

Mekus and Oshimiri were later taken away and made to face the cobsequences of their crimes according to the law.

The news of what happened fled like wild fire throughout the entire village.

Nduka's mother was heartbroken and fell sick because of the death of her son.

The whole villagers blamed the father for being responsible for the death of his son.
He lived with the guilt, cursing himself for pushing his son to his death.
When the guilt was becoming too unbearable for him, he committed suicide.

Rose later returned to her hostel and shared her story. And how she was saved by God's grace.
"Okeoma, you had believed that God does not exist. But I want to tell you now that God truly exist. If not for his saving grace, I wouldn't have been here. There is still chance for you Okeoma to desist from this indecent lifestyle, otherwise your life will be stuck in it.
I almost fell a victim, I don't want you to experience the same thing, you might not make it out alive."

Okeoma was touched and amazed on how she escaped from the den of ritualists alive and even brought about their end. But that does not stopped her from continuing with her outrageous lifestyle. But what later happened to her is a story for another day.

Sadness later loomed for Rose. She was not able to meet her father alive.
Before she could reach home, he was already dead. He didn't make it after the surgery.
Rose later learnt how to plait hair to sustain herself, for her remaining days in school.


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  1. Interesting,i got the answer correctly..hoping to win.

  2. Wow. A lesson filled. Thanks Ngozi Lovelyn. This is yet another wonderful piece.
    More grease

  3. Wow an interesting story with great moral lessons thanks NGO may God continue to inspire you the more


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