Dirty Sleep: Episode 10

Rose was still sharing her story when a bright light in figure of a human appeared to her.
"Roseline! You think you were forsaken? But you were the one who departed from the ways of the Lord. You are a girl destined for greatness, but you deviated from that due to challenges of the world. Haven't you heard that those who trust in the Lord are never disappointed? Haven't you heard that prayer is the key to every problem? The reason it looked like your prayers were ignored was for you to entertain your own punishment. But now, God has decided to shower you with his mercy. He has favoured you with a second chance. Now return my child, and sin no more."

Few seconds the voice finished speaking to her, Rose sneezed and then opened her eyes. She discovered she had returned to her body.

"Did you hear that?" Mekus asked

"Hear what?" Oshimiri replied with an answer, sipping his drink.

"I think somebody sneezed, could it be the girl has woken up?"

"What nonsense? The girl is not returning anywhere. Both she and Nduka have gone forever. What remains now is to dispose off their bodies and that will be done by 2am. We will go to River Niger and throw them inside"

"No Oshimiri, Nduka's body needs to be seen by his family, otherwise they will suspect that I used him for something, you know how these villagers gossip."

"Hmm, alright, I know what to do" Oshimiri assured.

"Good" Mekus said, but he couldn't shake off his mind from the sound he heard from inside the room.

"Oshimiri, I think I should have a check, I can't get my head off from that sound. I am sure I heard something" Mekus said, heading to the room where Nduka and Rose were kept.

While Mekus was approaching, Rose tapped Nduka whose body was lying beside her.
She intended to wake him up, but later remembered that, he had died, and won't be returning again.
"Yes, he had begged me to wipe off these things they inscribed on his body. But Nduka, why should I help you? You heartless man. You wanted me dead, you wanted to use me for rituals. You tricked me with love and marriage and made me sign my own death, willingly. What a monster you are. Now, you are requesting for my help. People like you doesn't deserve any help. You really got what you deserved. I am sure you were tricked the same way tricked me, otherwise, you wouldn't have allowed to be caged like this, everything that goes around, comes around, you really got served in your own terms. You are an evil man, your spirit shouldn't be allowed to roam this world, you might wreck havoc. So, don't bother about revenge, God is the only one who can take care of that, because revenge is of him, I would have wished you suffered a little before dying. I wished you had suffered for all the humiliations you made me go through, by walking the street smelling like rot." She said fuming in her heart.

And just then, the door opened.
Mekus entered, to see where the noise was coming from, but he saw the two bodies lying exactly the way they left them. He then closed the door back.

"Ouf! That was close" Rose heaved a sigh.
She managed to evade been noticed after she heard a foot step approached, she laid back, lying exactly the way they laid her.

"Mekus is here? Which means I am in trouble. And if I decide to open the door, he will notice. The screeching sound will alert him. What am I going to do now? I really need to call somebody......" Rose said, searching for her bag.

"My bag is not here. How do I leave from here? I need to sneak out, if Mekus finds out, I will be destroyed. He won't allow me to go free. What am I going to do now?"
She stood thinking hard.
2 minutes later, an idea popped in...

"Yes, Nduka's phone, it must still be in his pocket, let me check"
And luckily, the phone was there.
She quickly called Okeoma, and told her what was happening and also requested her to get the police, that her life was in danger.
She also gave her direction on how to get to Mekus' apartment.

And luckily, Okeoma had a friend who was a police officer. She informed him on what was happening.

After making the call, Rose switched it to silent mode and laid back, pretending to be dead, praying for Okeoma to arrive with the police on time and save her.

Few minutes later, Oshimiri and Mekus entered the room to mutilate Nduka's body before disposing it.

"Oh no! They are two? My life is in more graver danger than I thought. Okeoma, please be fast, before it becomes too late. But what are they trying to do now?" She rhetorics in her heart, still pretending to be lying dead, trying to figure out what Mekus and Oshimiri were planning to do.

"Oshimiri, how are we going to make his body to look like a victim of auto crash?" Mekus asked

"Get me a kitchen knife" Oshimiri requested

And Mekus left to get the knife.

Hearing that, Rose began panicking.
She started sweating, fearing for what will happen next.
"Oh Lord, please I still need your saving grace. Please make Okeoma to be fast. My life is in grave danger Lord, please save me." Rose prayed in her heart, frightening to a heat tensed.

"I have gotten the knife, here it is" Mekus said, handing it over to him.

"Knife? What are they going to do with it? Has he found out that I am alive? I can't continue waiting for Okeoma like this, I better run away from here.."Rose suggested, as her heart beat heavily fast.

Oshimiri had collected the knife. He used the sharp edge to scratch Nduka's face, shoulder, thighs and legs.
He scratched it hard, to make it look like a wound which was sustained from an accident.
"Hmm, it still need another finishing touch. Go outside and get me a rough stone."

And Mekus ran out to get it.

"When all these things were happening, Rose was no longer herself. She was only looking for an opportunity to escape, she couldn't wait for Okeoma to arrive with the police.

Few minutes later, Oshimiri and Mekus had finished making Nduka looked like an accident victim.

"Now, let's go and put him in the trunk." Oshimiri demanded, as his eyes flashed at Rose.
He saw prickly sweat shining on her fore head.

"Wait a minute!" He said, going closer to her.

"What's that?" Mekus asked

"Mekus, you know when you said you heard a sound, I never believed you. But now it has been confirmed, your guess was right. Surely, a dead person shouldn't be sweating. But how is that possible? I haven't seen anything like this. It requires a huge amount of grace to escape from that place, she is not supposed to be here. She must be highly favoured, I must say."

"Oh my God! Is he talking about me? I'm dead now. Rose, now, this is the time, its now or never. I have to run away from here, I can't die yet, it's not my time to die." She said, gathering all the courage she needed to escape

"You mean she is alive?" Mekus asked

And Oshimiri said "yes"

"Then we should take care of her immediately, we shouldn't allow her to leave. She has known everything." Mekus portrayed

"And you think I will allow that to happen? She is not going anywhere.  So young lady, stop pretending now, I know you are awake. But don't worry, I am sending you back, and this time, it will be for good" Oshimiri said, asking Mekus to hand him the knife.

And just then, Rose forcefully arose, pushed Oshimiri away with all her strength and he collided with Mekus as they lost balance and fell over and Rose grabbed the door handle and ran out.

While on the floor, Oshimiri shouted: "Get her, don't allow her get away. Get her!"

And Mekus took off, pursuing her.

Let's continue tomorrow, please....

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The author of Dirty Sleep: Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Contact: Xperiawithngozilove@gmail.com

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