CCTV Footage Of Zenith Bank Owerri Robbery Attack Surfaces (video)

Remember the robbery attack that took place at a branch of Owerri Zenith Bank, on Wednesday, February 23rd 2017, that left 5 people dead and several injured? The CCTV footage has now been released. And it’s beyond sad. The guys were just ready to kill anyone. Unluckily for them, one of them that rushed to the security post to kill the security guard there, was fired by the security guard, this however made one of the thieves rush towards him, but we are not sure if he was gunned down, as the camera didn’t capture that part. Just in minutes the camera showed one of the thieves coming out with a bag of cash and they fled in their car.

The shocking part is that these are able bodied men. These are men that will be forming rich at parties. Tall, strong, handsome.. you know all the qualities in a good man, and the sad thing is that they are LAZY, they just want to STEAL. This video should be passed on, passed round, so atleast their family members can see them and know what they do and ofcus to help police track them down too. Five people lost their lives that day. God help us! The video below…

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