Can you identify your wife by mere touching? This blindfolded man just did (Pic/Vid)

Wow, the man really know his woman very well by mere touching her, despite been blindfolded.

Video footage shows dozens of women lined up in what appears to be a party game.

As the blindfolded man made his way down the line he held hands with people, feeling the structure of their hands one by one.

People laughed and cheered as he passed women by, knowing it wasn’t the person he was looking for.

After dozens of women, when he got to a lady dressed in an outfit which matched the pattern of his shirt, he paused.

Feeling her knuckles, wrists and touching her hands, he stopped.

The man then pulled the woman in for a huge hug, before the rest of the party cheered, clapped and jumped up and down with joy.

The woman is believed to be his wife.

Many took photos of the pair as they embraced.

Some were sceptical after the video was shared on social media.

Obi Nar said on Facebook : “It appears to be prearranged with his wife. The bracelet was dangly and he went straight for it. The bracelet helped him identify her.”

But others were more positive, with Olivia Chisha Mwansa saying: “The point is, he knew how the wife smelled, the feel of her hand, the size of her nails and what she was wearing, meaning, he paid attention! I think he did good. (sic)”

One man added: “This is the hardest game ever, I will start touching my wife’s hands now so that I can identify her even when I’m blindfolded.”

It is unclear where and when this video was taken, but it has since gone viral.

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