Big Brother UK’s Arthur Fulford shower completely nak*d, female housemates go gaga over his d*ck

Every year there are a select few housemates who, for one reason or another, don’t turn red at the thought of parading their naked bodies.

And this year’s batch of wannabe reality stars haven’t wasted much time in showing off their figures (to varying degrees), though it would seem that the bravest of the Big Brother 2017 bunch is Arthur Fulford.

In scenes set to air on Thursday’s show, the 24-year-old son of Lord Fulford doesn’t seem to have any qualms about showing his fellow housemates the’ family jewels’, as he leaves the girls agog when he takes a shower naked.

While a showering naked is no-doubt a normal occurrence in any other household, this year’s BB has done away with frosted glass and privacy, choosing instead to have a shower that is VERY public in its nature.

With most housemates choosing to wear bathing suits, rather than expose themselves to the house and public at home, Arthur proudly strips off and gets a-scrubbing.

Despite having an audience the chilled out heir to Great Fulford House, appears completely relaxed and at ease.

As the likes of Ellie Young are heard exclaiming their shock at his nonchalant attitude, a number of the female housemates can be head admiring and gossipping about Arthur’s manhood.

During the giggling chat one complains about the length of Arthur’s shower, to which Ellie replies that it suits the length of a part of his anatomy.

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