8-months Pregnant Woman Beaten To Death By Husband In Abuja

A human rights Lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, has revealed a shocking and sad story of a heartless man who beat his pregnant wife to death in Abuja.

According to him, the attack occurred when the man learned that the pregnancy was going to be another baby girl after she had had 3 daughters for the man.

He wrote:
    “The incident occurred in Abuja early yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The woman was 8 months pregnant. She already had 3 daughters for the man. We believe the attack occurred when the man learned that the pregnancy was going to be another baby girl. He got mad because he had expected a baby boy.
    Neighbors heard the woman screaming in the early hours of the night, and some sound of a struggle. Apparently, he beat her to death. At daybreak, the man went to the police station and reported that his wife suffered a sudden but natural death.
    But the story did not make sense. The police spoke to the neighbors and discovered he was beating the woman. Also the police spoke to their first daughter who told the police that their father beat their mum to death. Apparently, the young girls watched as their father killed their mother. They probably know why – because it is bad to bear a girl instead of a boy.
    The police arrested the man for murder and he is in detention. DPA is continuing its investigation into the matter. Our representative is heading back to the police station. We intend to have access to the suspect, to know what additional light he could shed on the incident. Aldo we want to ascertain the conditions of the three girls to ensure they are safely with mother’s relatives.
    DPA regrets that the neighbors who heard the screaming did not intervene to rescue the woman. They just listened. And nobody bothered to contact the police. A DPA member who is a neighbor to the couple described the woman as jovial and respectful. 

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