Unappeased souls of Biafran fallen heroes tormenting Nigeria – Rommy Ezeonwuka

An Igbo cultural leader, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, has noted that most of Nigeria’s problems were caused by the spirits of unremembered Biafra’s fallen heroes.
He said this while calling for peaceful conduct by some Igbo youths wishing to remember victims of the Nigeria civil war come May 30.

Ezeonwuka, who is the founder of Ogilisi Foundation, told journalists in Awka on Monday that there was nothing wrong in remembering loved ones provided that such action was carried out peacefully.

He attributed some vices and tension in Nigeria to the cries of the souls of victims of bloodshed waiting to be appeased.

He said
“Great countries of this world like the U.S., Japan, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, Britain, Brazil, France, Vatican and the Catholic church have never failed to remember the souls of people that died during wars or tragedies every year.

“Unless you have assessed to see and know what happens in Astral World it will be difficult for the mundane people of the world to know how happy the demised souls feel when they are being remembered in the physical world.

“I have been the architect of recommending to the Igbo’s to perform the befitting burial of Biafra war heroes and I am happy that Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra performed the ceremony at Awka on Jan. 12, 2015.

“I advise other governors of the civil war affected states to do the same by establishing epitaphs in their capital cities.

“All of us are souls that live in the physical and spiritual world whenever the soul passes unto spiritual world it becomes mandatory that the people of the earth must appease the spirits or else they may decide to possess the people of the earth to cause confusion.
“As a spiritual leader of Igbo nation, I see nothing wrong with the remembrance of Biafra war heroes and children that died during those sad days of our nation’s history.

“I pray it will bring healing in our land and advise that everything that shall be done for the remembrance on 30th of May must be done prayerfully and not as street protests.”

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