New story alert: presents "Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend"

After dating her for years, made her reject all the serious suitors but dumped her at the end and married another lady, DO YOU THINK SHE HAS A REVENGE?......

He told her her, she was worthless, doesn't deserve him, she was classless... He only managed her because she was good in bed...."what revenge does she have?

"I am now ready to settle down, but I am sorry I can't marry you. You are only good in bed, that was why I was able to manage you all these years... You are classless, please, give your life a meaning, who knows another manageable man might come your way..." He said

Now, how is she playing her revenge that the man who dumped her began swimming in ocean of insecurity... Making his wife to compete with his Ex-girlfriend..?.

He dumped her and married another lady but he never had peace of mind for what later happened to her? What revenge is she playing?

What is her revenge that the man's heart keep beating fast each time her name is mentioned anywhere, that he adopted the job of a stalker just to keep tag of her daily activities?....

"Sweet Revenge of Ex-Girlfriend"...Coming your way soon....................
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