Female member accuses Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe of making advances at her

A female member of Our Daily Manna/Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry, Rita Ibeni has asserted that her pastor, Chris Kwakpovwe made sexual advances at her.

According to DailyPost, a telephone conversation that purportedly took place between the pastor and Rita has also been leaked on the Internet.

The male voice in the audio express his love for Ibeni and interest in having sexual relations with her.

The male voice was heard saying:
    “I’m crazy about you but you are not, so I decided to take my eyes off you. I’m just looking for someone to take out, yesterday I took somebody out and I want to take you out today but you are running from me, you would have enjoyed the two days now. Even Mummy respects you,” . “Don’t worry before I do it, I’ll tell you. Don’t you know I can do it, I will do it and you will enjoy it, you will forget your name. You will be calling my name Chris, Chris. I can’t wait to have you.
    “I’m missing you crazy, please plan for us to see. If you want us to marry, we will have to plan it. I can never have more than two, I cannot cope with anyone other than Mummy and you. You don’t call or text. I’m in Lekki, working alone and I want to hear from you, I prefer Whatsapp messages.”

A member of the church then reacted to the viral audio clip claiming that the voice in the recording does not belong to their pastor.
    “The attention of the bishop and leadership of Our Daily Manna/Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry has been drawn to some voice messages being circulated via social media by some unscrupulous elements,”

The pastoral council and board of deacons and deaconesses then made a statement signed by Honesty Eguridu.

Read the statement below:
    “The said audio voice recordings which have a semblance of the bishop’s voice are conveying adverse messages which are against the tenets and principles of the ODM vision.
    “The most recent in the series of these cloned voice messages is the message asking the recipient to support the ODM vision with monetary donations by calling a certain number with a warning not to inform someone else about it.
    “We want to state without any element of equivocation, that the voice message referred to above and others like it are not from Bishop (Dr.) Chris Kwakpovwe. The voice in these messages is not the Bishop’s voice.
    “They are the handiwork of satanic agents who are employing the aid of technology to cause distraction and havoc in the body of Christ. We enjoin the Church and the general public to disregard it.”

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