Donald Trump reacts as comedian Kathy Griffin holds a bloody (fake) head of him in photo shoot (Photo)

 Comedian Kathy Griffin may have been joking when she posed with what looked like the bloody head of Donald Trump, but the Secret Service isn’t laughing.
According to TMZ, Law enforcement sources say the Secret Service has launched an investigation into “the circumstances surrounding the photo shoot.”

The picture, featuring Griffin wearing a navy pussy-bow blouse and holding aloft a bloodied imitation of President Trump’s decapitated head.

Griffin herself shared the video from the shoot on her Twitter feed, while referencing Trump’s comments toward Megyn Kelly during the Republican presidential debates.

“I caption this ‘there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his … wherever,'” Griffin wrote, quickly following it with a tweet that clarified that she didn’t condone violence toward the president and was only mocking him.

Internet reaction to the vivid photo was immediate, with many condemning Shields and Griffin for exacerbating an atmosphere of violence some believe has already been established by Trump.

Griffin later tweeted a video apology in which she asked that the image be taken down.

    “I beg for your forgiveness,” Griffin says in a 30-second video posted on social media. “I went too far.”

Donald Trump has now reacted to the photo saying his children are having a hard time with the photo.

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