The awkward way Donald Trump dropped Melania's hand at her first public appearance since inauguration

As Melania Trump embarked on her first public appearance since her husband Donald’s inauguration, she must have been a bit nervous.

So the First Lady looked for reassurance from her husband as she stepped off the plane in Palm Beach.

She walked out holding her husband’s hand but he quickly DROPPED it in an awkward snub.
As the waiting crowd cheers, Trump drops Melania’s hand to clap.

Once he stops clapping, Melania goes to grip her husband’s hand again but he is having none of it.

In a classic avert manoeuvre, Trump brought her hand towards him, gave it a gentle pat and then dropped it completely.

It looks like Trump isn’t a big fan of public displays of affection.

Despite her husband’s lack of interest, Melania looked stunning in a red mini dress with long caped sleeves.

She paired the unusual dress with matching scarlet ballet flats and a quilted clutch bag.

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