Police Van drives past a hit & run accident victim in Lagos & 2face was defended

 According to the video which was uploaded in YouTube, a man was abandoned on the road after he was ran over by a hit and run driver. The shocking part was that police van drove past him without rendering any help.
The OAP who shared the video online said:

This happened this night. Hit and Run. Nobody go wait!... This is a typical example of what a good number of people are, in this country. If I relate this to the @official2baba cancelled protest, this is an example of what will happen if something bad happens, people will pass, castigate you and change mouth, even police no go help you instead they will catch you. Naija we are not loyal, we hate the truth, we can't help each other and when someone decides to do something unprecedented, we won't help instead, we criticize and we can't do one thing good when we have the chance. Tuface, did the right thing. We are the hardest people to fight for. Believe that!

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