David Beckham's multi million image shattered after hackers leaked his private emails

David Beckham’s multi-million pound image was shattered last night after damning emails leaked by hackers revealed he used charity work as part of a desperate campaign to win a knighthood.

In a series of bombshell leaks, the football legend branded the honours committee “unappreciative c****” and dismissed lower awards, ranting: “Unless it’s a knighthood f*** off.”

As reported by a number of European media outlets, including L’Equipe, the furious star also: allegedly:

Initially refused to use his own money to fund his charity and turned down millions of pounds in work to raise money for UNICEF
Demanded UNICEF pay for a £6685 business class flight despite his sponsors splashing out on a private jet
Set up a sham segment on the Jonathan Ross chat show to raise the prospect of a knighthood
Backed the “stay” campaign in the Scottish independence referendum to win favour with “the establishment”
Moaned that his involvement in the Ingenious tax avoidance scheme was hampering his chances
Raged when singer Katherine Jenkins was handed an OBE
Wants to add to his fortune by being one of the first civilians to go into space
The former England captain turned philanthropist and businessman raged at the failure of officials to make him Sir David and admitted his charitable efforts were a conscious effort to win an honour.

One of his closest advisers even said his work with UNICEF and other good causes had “a halo effect” for the 41-year-old star.
The cache of leaked messages between Beckham, who currently holds an OBE, and his closest aides could see his reputation shattered as it reveals the concerted efforts to win favour from the honours committee and the public.

 Messages also suggest he forcefully backed the 'stay' campaign in the 2014 Scottish referendum in a bid to appeal to “the establishment” and raise his chances of being rewarded with a gong.

After missing out on a knighthood in 2013, the footballer - who has an estimated networth of £280million - wrote a furious email to his long-time PR man Simon Oliveira, raging that classical star Katherine Jenkins had been handed an OBE writing: “Katherine Jenkins OBE for what? Singing at the rugby and going to see the troops plus taking coke. F***ing joke.”

Jenkins has previously admitted to taking drugs in her past, including cocaine and ecstasy, and confessed “curiosity got the better of me”.
He allegedly continues to rant at the honours committee, saying he 'expected nothing less' and asking 'who decides the honours?'
'It's a disgrace to be honest and if I was American I would of got something like this ten years ago,' the email allegedly said.
In response, Oliveira wrote to Beckham’s agent and best friend David Gardner: “This gives us even more reason to work this year on Unicef, the armed forces, and other charitable commitments.”
 He also advised Becks to “remain positive” in public, and avoid the temptation to direct jibes or critical comments at the committee in public adding: “We need to remain dignified if asked, but if you want me to work up something cutting I will work up one, but my advice is it’s not productive.”

Other mails show the two advisers stopped Beckham from posting a picture of a gold- plated laptop on Instagram, stressing it went against his 'man of the people' image.

Beckham was keen to share he photo with his 32.6million followers. He sent the picture to Oliveira captioning it: 'First one in the world...Great present.'

Oliveira replied: 'Nice will keep that one of (sic) social media as then the idiots will say we're being showy.'

The emails have divided the public, with many coming out in support of the former England captain, while others have expressed concern at his conduct.

Among those to condemn Beckham is MailOnline's editor-at-large Piers Morgan, who put out a series of tweets about the story.
He first said:
Oh. My. God. RIP Brand Beckham...'
Nobody will be envious of David Beckham by tomorrow. They will all be sickened by him.'
'We can forget about 'Sir David Beckham' ever happening.'

The series of damning emails were released by Football Leaks yesterday, the sporting equivalent of Wiki Leaks.

Last night Beckham's representatives dismissed the claims, stating that the emails had been 'hacked and doctored' from a private account.

UNICEF's Deputy Executive Director, Justin Forsyth also came out with a vehement defence of Beckham.
He tweeted:
'For over 15 years David Beckham has been a dedicated and passionate @UNICEF ambassador, helping many thousands of children.'

Source - DailyMailUK/SunUK

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  1. what a tosser shows how far he has come from being a 17 year old nobody


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