Comedian Gordons says:'2Face is the only illiterate who can sing correctly in music', as Rugged Man reacts

Ok,still on his cancelled protest, Comedian Gordons just made a slight statement out of a joke that Legendary singer 2Face is a musician and not a politician, that 2Face is the only illiterate who can express himself through music.

But the likes of Rugged Man were against the statement, he celled it hateful, that nobody heard his voice when the preparation of the protest was ongoing, and now, he has just amputated his own hand. Read what Rugged man said below

Read what he wrote after the cut...

"@gordonsdberlusconi we didnt hear your voice since. Others who didn't speak before are still quiet,but you chose to speak only to utter these disgraceful words...... You no fall hand, you amputate am. I don't know why but we all know "people hate greatness".
#loyalty #respect #envykills #betrayal"

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