A mother in deep shock after her newborn baby fell off 40meters to its death from her hand (photo)

A young mother dropped her baby 40 feet to its death after she stumbled because her outfit got caught in an escalator.

The horrifying incident took place in the O’zbegim shopping centre in the city of Andijan, in east-central Uzbekistan.

Footage from security cameras in a shopping centre in Uzbekistan shows the woman in a long dress and a headscarf coming down an escalator with a baby in her right arm and holding an older child with her left hand.

It looks like the dress gets stuck in the escalator, causing her to stumble down the steps and the child
to fall out of her arms and over the side.

It is reported that the height the baby fell from was equal to that of a four-storey building, typically 40 feet, and onto the tiled flooring below. The baby died on impact.

Emergency crews who rushed to the scene were unable to save the child’s life.

The video has been shared locally online and the distressing images have caused world-wide compassion for this poor mother.

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