See the Python a Nigerian found in his compound last night at about 2am

According to him, they heard a creepy sound from outside, so they came out to know what it was.
They discovered it was a python and killed it. See how he shared the story online.

So last night we heard a sound and out of curiosity we came out to check it out, Lo and behold was exactly what was suspected, a big python, but the tail was observed initially, while the body was inside my mum mini farm she have to behind our compound, kill am, kill am, said my younger one, but he is 5miles away, I said quiet, d tin go run, mean while, I dey shake small small oh, all these while I nor hold anything for hand oh, once we heard d snake move everyone gbase, while my mum is upstairs supervising, gathered courage, but this time with a big cutlass and we did the job.... FATALITY OF COURSE...

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