Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 9

After the incident, Chief Ohadike developed a soft spot for Lizzy. He showered her with expensive gifts and also opened a boutique for her, stuffed it with expensive items. Chief was ignorant of Lizzy's lifestyle, he thought she was merely a victim of Gozie's evil deed, but he never knew she was a Runsgirl.

Lizzy had vowed to dump her old ways and give her life to Christ, but chief's incessant gift showers cornered her heart into upholding it.
He turned her life around just in a twinkle.
"Wow! I better not miss this opportunity, since he can provide me with all I need, having only him as my financial helper won't make me a sinful person" Lizzy encouraged herself to accept Ohadike's love advances.

On her birthday, Chief celebrated it for her and gifted her a brand new Lexus SUV. Her friends envied her for having blessed with a generous man like Chief Ohadike. And this stirred up Nenye's desire to have him too.

Chief did not stay long in the party, he left immediately after giving her the car keys. As he was leaving, Nenye rushed after him and flaunted herself as Lizzy's friend, she gave him her number, that she will be honoured to be at his service anytime he desires.
Chief gave her a faint smile and collected the paper from her. When he entered his car, he shook his head and said" Women!"
Weeks gone by, there was no call from Chief.
And Nenye was getting impatient. She approached Lizzy to introduce her to Chief,
so that they can share him together.

"Nenye my dear, to tell you the truth, Chief is like a Messiah who came to deliver me from this risky business of ours. Can't you see, ever since I met him, I haven't meet any other person, and so I intend it to be."

"Lizzy, are you saying you can't make this my simple request a reality? Remember how I shared Alhaji with you?"

"Nenye, please try to understand me. The relationship I have with Chief is different from the one you had with Alhaji. He sees me as an innocent girl who fell victim to the wickedness of the world. He knew nothing about my past and I want it to be that way because I'm not returning to my old life again. Please understand me my good friend"
Nenye scrounged her anger and decided to discard the idea of wanting a part of Chief.

On top of all the things he had done for Lizzy, Chief secured her a new bungalow, so that it will be easier for him to spend time with her anytime he feel like.
This manifested a great jealousy in Nenye's heart. Saying that Lizzy was heartless. That she wanted to have Chief all to herself, according to her, Lizzy was so unfair towards their friendship.

Nenye wanted to pack in with Lizzy, but Lizzy's hands were tied because Chief gave her strict instructions not to allow any roommate. She can have visitors but not roommate. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back. Nenye who never understood anything developed a height hatred for Lizzy who was her best friend.

"So Lizzy, because of Chief, you decided to turn our friendship to the muds" Nenye ached in her heart, but she never knew it was not Lizzy's fault. She tried her best seeking for Chiefs' consent to allow Nenye pack in with her, but he rejected the idea.

 His reason lied on the fact that Nenye had asked him out before, so he doesn't want a situation she will create a problem for them.
Nenye decided to hid her bitterness and maintained her friendship with Lizzy, and waited for a better opportunity to strike her. Nenye was the type who always gets controlled by anger. She does things as they came to her mind. She was good to keep as a friend and dangerous to make enemies with, she can go to any length to fight for your sake as a friend, and can go to any length to destroy you as an enemy, this was the part Lizzy failed to discover. She was always fast and furious.

As the relationship progressed, Chief decided to take it to another level by marrying Lizzy as his second wife.

"What, are you crazy? Why do you want to accept that old man's marriage proposal?" Nenye asked

"My dear, I owe my life to Chief and besides, he is not that old, he is just in his 50s, and still maintain a rigorous fit and possesses a great strength on bed. Since he makes me happy, and can provide me with all I need, why won't I marry him? After all, what else does a woman needs in marriage if not emotional, sexual and financial happiness? And Chief provides them all for me, so there is no big deal. I have accepted to marry him, but that will be after he must have settled with his wife"

"But Lizzy, what about your parents, especially your father, do you think he will agree?"

"Nenye, this is my marriage we are talking about here o. It's my decision to make and not theirs. I have seen ladies who married older men and lived happily after. So mine won't be different."

 Nenye saw that Lizzy's mind was already made up.

"So, Lizzy you want to get married to a billionaire and leave me here. After all we have been through together in this school, you want to be blessed with a happiness ever after? Hia! See goodluck oo! I will be here and soap enter my eyes oo. No way Lizzy, for the fact you denied me Chief Ohadike, you won't have him either, trust me, you won't have him" Nenye determined in her heart.

Chief Ohadike's wife, Gloria was throwing up dust in the air after he broke the news to  her that he wanted to marry a second wife.
She swore to him that she can't be alive and another woman enter her home.
"Over my dead body, you hear me? I said over my dead body. So after suffering to build this empire with you, you decided to reward me by bringing in another woman who never knew the kind of sweat we underwent to bring our family to the social status we are enjoying today. No naa, my husband, its not going to be possible. Trust me, I reject this idea"

"Woman, I have done my part by informing you, get ready to receive your mate. 
But one thing I'm promising you is this. Your status as the first wife will continue to be respected and adored. 
So, I'm done making my self clear" Chief said and left the bedroom to the sitting room.

Mrs Gloria burst into tears, calling her Children one by one and informing them the decision their father was about to make.
None of their children accepted his idea, they promised their mother to wipe her tears and not to worry about it, that they will control the situation, that he will not bring in any second wife to the family...

To be continued...

Author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning! No part of this work should be copied, used, redistribute, reproduce either electronically manually without prior permission from the author.

Copyright 2017


  1. Ngozi Lovelyn, I throway salute. The way the story is channeling is wonderful. More grease. Pls.....the next episode. Lizzy.... You are in fire. Many enemies now.


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