Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 2

"OK OK, I accept if that will make you happy." Lizzy accepted.

She trusted Gozie, she never believed people could be heartless.

"Yes, that is my baby. Now you are talking." Gozie said

"So, when are we doing it?" Lizzy asked

"Let me see how this night goes, maybe tonight or tomorrow" Gozie replied.

"Is there any special requirement I will need for the tape?"

"No my dear, just be in your good mood, that is all"

"Alright Baby, I am only doing this because of you and based on the love and trust I have for you."

"You don't have to worry about anything Baby, this is for the good of our relationship."Gozie said and hugged her intimately.

The next day Gozie and Lizzy had their own sxctape. And that marked the beginning of Gozie's prey on Lizzy's life. Lizzy never opened up to her friend because she was against the idea. She did what she thought would protect her friendship from falling apart.
Few days later, Gozie started revealing his real motives of resurfacing in her life again.

Valentine was fast approaching. Gozie was making his plans of having a splendid love celebration with Amaka. He had no money but the expenses will fall on Lizzy's head.

"Hey Lizzy, how are you?"

"Baby, you are calling me by my actual name?" Lizzy queried

"Lizzy, forget all these Baby, Love, sweetheart lovers call themselves, what matters is the person's heart intentions and not from what he or she gushes"

"Hmm, but I still prefer the pet names"
Gozie wired his face, hissed in his heart, feeling irritated by Lizzy's desires to be referred to as baby or any other pet names.

"OK Baby, if that is what you want. Erm, can we see this evening, there is something really important I would like to discuss with you"

"What is that? Hope all is well." Concerned Lizzy asked.

"Yes, but it's something serious". Gozie replied

"Alright Baby, I will come to your place in the evening" Lizzy said

"No, I think your own place will be better."

"But my room mate is around." Lizzy said.

"No Baby, it is not something that will take hours. Before 20 minutes we are done"

"But Baby, I need to spend some quality times with you." Lizzy demanded.

"We will fix a date for that when I come. But let me deal with this issue first"

"Alright, evening then" Lizzy said and they hung the phone.

Later in the evening, Gozie requested Lizzy to lend him N80.000. Lizzy was shocked to hear such a request from him.

"But baby, I don't think I have that kind of money and if I may ask, what is the money for?"

"Its for school stuff, I need to sort out this three courses. I did not do well in the exams. So the lecturers demanded for money and the total rounded up to that 80k"

"But Gozie, not that I am contesting what you said, but I have always known you as a brilliant student, so what happened?"

"I don't know Lizzy......sorry.... Baby. Its like my village people are after me?" Gozie said

"There is nothing like village people, its a statement people make to crack jokes. There must be a reason for that.
But 80k is something I don't have now. To be frank Baby, I don't have 80k."

Gozie kept mute, pressing his phone, acting as if he did not hear what she said. When she wanted to tap him, he burst out.

"Don't you touch me! What do you mean by you don't have 80k? Did I tell I you I will not refund you?"

"Hey Baby, why are you sounding so harsh?"

"Lizzy, I am sure you have that money, because I know the kind of things you do. You think I am not aware of all of them?"

"And what's that suppose to mean?"

"Lizzy, are you giving me the money or not?"

"Wait, I want to understand you better, what do you mean by you know the kind of things I do?"

"Its like you are not understanding me. I am out of here, and once I step out of here, I'm walking out of your life" Gozie threatened.

After noticing the seriousness in his face, Lizzy decided to lend him the money.

"Alright alright, since you said you will pay me back, I will lend you the money. And please, the money is for my school fees, I know how much i have suffered to save that money."

"Don't worry, before you know it, I have already returned it to you." Gozie assured.

After succeeding in his mission, he decided to leave.

"So soon? No kiss, nothing nothing?" Lizzy asked

"Lizzy?" Gozie called

"No, be calling me Baby, I don't know why you suddenly stopped calling me that" Lizzy demanded.

"Oh Baby! Are you happy now?" Gozie asked

"OK kiss me?" Lizzy requested

And he did

"Kiss me here?" Lizzy requested

"Baby, you want to get me in the mood and trap me here? Have you forgotten that your room mate will soon return" Gozie asked

"It doesn't matter, she can wait outside"

"No naa, let me be going. "

"Yes! That reminds me, how are we celebrating this Valentine?" Lizzy asked

Gozie wasn't keen on hearing that from her because he had already set out his plans to celebrate it with the woman he loved, Amaka.

"Baby, we will talk about that later, let me deal with this issue that is eating me up now, I don't want to have any carry over"

"Oh, I can see how this thing is bothering you. Don't worry, tomorrow you sort it out OK"

"Yea, that's my Baby!"

And he left. The next day, Lizzy gave him the money like he requested. He then lied to Lizzy that he will be going home for the Weekend to see his sick mother.

"Oh no! Have you forgotten Valentine is this Saturday?"

"I know Baby, but my Mother had been requesting me to visit home. You know she is critically ill. Don't worry, when I return on Monday, we will celebrate our own Valentine, OK baby?"Gozie lied to convince her.

Lizzy signed and said: "OK, your mother's health is more important."

Its 14th February, Lizzy was feeling dejected but dealt with it because of Gozie's mother's health.

"Lizzy babe! Instead of clinging to your pillow, why not join us and hang out since your guy has lied to you that he traveled? " Nenye suggested.

"No Lizzy, Gozie is not like that. He went home for his sick mother"

"Story story!....And you believed him?
Forget that thing, the guy is having a sweet time with another babe."

"Nenye stop it naa. Infact let me get dressed and follow you guys."

"Yea, better for you, you need to have fun. We shouldn't rely on others for our own happiness. We are heading to George's Inn"

"George's Inn? it not far from here.? Lizzy asked wearing another cloth.

"I think people will not be much there, the joints around here are already crowded, people are celebrating the day. But that George's Inn is cool, only mature guys visit there"

"OK better" Lizzy said
Later they left.

Gozie never traveled home like he said, he made that up to celebrate the Valentine with Amaka. He used the 80k he got from Lizzy to treat Amaka to a sophisticated Valentine special and that rekindled his relationship with Amaka. That was exactly what he wanted. He felt happy watching her glare in joy. As if that was not enough, he decided to take her out.

"Baby, get dressed, I hired a taxi to take us to Georges Inn."

"Wow! Baby, what happened? How did you suddenly became rich? And I heard that place is very expensive, its only for bigger guys?"

"Nothing baby, this is just the beginning, get ready for more. So get prepared, the taxi will soon arrive."

About 40 minutes later, they reached the Inn.
After some minutes, Lizzy and her friends arrived. Nenye sighted Gozie and nudged Lizzy.
"Is that not Gozie I am seeing over there?"

To be continued...
The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author

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