Mother says her family is the Kardashians of the UK, she is super proud of her girls (photo)

 A mother of identical twin daughters who encouraged her children to become glamour models has revealed how she is jealous of their careers on an adult TV station.

Maruga, 55, who lives in London with identical twins Tasha and Tanya, both 27, is determined for the girls to make the most of the opportunities she would have killed for as a young woman.

'When the twins told me they wanted to be glamour models, I thought "why not?". I encouraged them, I was proud of them,' she said.

'It’s about loving yourself. You’ve got one life, one chance to look the best you can. They’re beautiful, they’re twins. If you’ve got it flaunt it.'

Tanya and Tasha see their mum as an inspiration and admit they wanted to follow in her footsteps after she had breast implants when they were younger.

'I was very envious that they had this opportunity to do something and be someone,'

'I wish I had the opportunity when I was young to do glamour modelling. I would have so done it.'

Maruga believes she would have certainly been a success, claiming she's the 'hottest' one in her family, who she describes as 'the Kardashians of the UK'.

'We’re all a very attention-seeking family. We’re hot, we’re all super hot,' she said.

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